Sunday Share: Week 29

*Stage whispering* There’s 160 days left!

I must not be well. I was in a bookstore yesterday with permission to buy books. That doesn’t happen often. I have a stack of books in my “to read” pile. I’m currently reading The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay. I highly recommend it. Anyway, here was I surrounded by thousands of books and I walk out empty handed. Well, not really empty. Crash bought a Warriors book about cats and Bang got Little Miss Stubborn and an early reader Star Wars book. I got nothing. Did I not know which ones I wanted? Was I so torn in my decision to choose one that I chose none? Was I really content with the number of books I have? 

For now, we’ll pick D) All of the above. 

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It’s That Time of Year

We’ve all wished each other Happy New Year by now. Crash and Bang made until mid-night, though just barely. We were at a friend’s house partying so they had lots of kids to play with and we had lots of adults to talk to.

Anyway, it’s time to look back. How well did 2015 treat me? My first WordPress post turns 1 in 4 days. I haven’t decided if I’ll do the whole blogiversary thing since this one will contain more links than the fence between the US and Mexico.

Here’s my month and year in review.

December brought 1,432 views, 203 more than November. This brought my total for the year to 9,259. Almost made the 10K mark. There were 490 visitors – 106 more than last month for a total of 3,510 visitors! Thanks y’all for stopping by! I published 48 posts in December thanks to The Daily Elf posts. This was 8 more posts than November for a grand tally of 316 posts.

The “like” button was clicked 707 times in December compared to only 442 times in November. The year brought 2,827 likes. There were 14 more comments in December – 415 for a total of 2,370 comments since last January.

Besides my home page with 218 views last month, it was Passing the Test in the lead with 60 views. My best day for the year was on March 3rd – The Value of A Teacher with 279 views. That post now has 500. The next most popular was With an Open Heart about Crash’s open heart surgery when he was five days old. Landing in the bronze medal spot is Life Before/After Kids which was really fun to write.

The top three countries to visit in December were the US, Canada, and Luxembourg. The top 5 for the year were from US, Canada, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Australia.

I started the year with 0 (yep, zero. None. Zilch. Nada.) followers. I’ve gained 253 WordPress followers. The Invisible Moth, Riddle from the Middle, and True North Nomad are my latest three to click the follow button. Will you be the next? (Hint: you don’t need a wordpress account AND you’re email is kept confidential).

My longest streak this year without missing a day from the 26th of November to December 20th for a total of 25 days with most posts on Fridays.

My top five commenters this year?
I’m Strong Enough to Break
Elen Grey
A Momma’s View
Terri Webster Schrandt

Lastly, a huge thanks to Eli, the Coach Daddy for being my first blogger guest. You can read that post here if you missed it. If you would like to guest, all you gotta do is ask. DW was my first official guest, though with her post Breaking the Silence.


Last month there were 53,098,938 posts made on WordPress. That’s more posts than there are people in Canada!

There were 43,461,936 comments made on WordPress. Again, that’s more comments than there are people in Canada.

This was from the WordPress stats page I found somewhere on the internet. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the link to prove it.

Anyway, I’ve read many tips on how get some of that traffic to your blog. In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve discovered this year.

Be seen.

If you want people to come to your blog, people need to know about your blog. This would be equivalent to opening a pizza joint, but keeping it a secret. There are more social media outlets than there are pizza joints. Which is a shame because pizza is so much better. Good old Facebook with it’s billion users. Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, Linkedin, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc… Get your blog out there. Share it!

Been see again.

While social media outlets are a good start, you have to promote your blog by way of promoting yourself and others. Share posts in Link-ups and take part in meet and greets. Reblogs and pingback being the main two ways to share other’s posts with your readers.

Be friendly

When someone takes time from their day to not only read what you wrote, but also leave you a comment, treat it as if they just handed you a fresh from the oven slice of pizza. Thank them, bow to them, and most importantly, respond to them in a timely manner. But not just a “thanks” but make it meaningful. Essentially, hand them a cold Coke Cola to go with that warm pizza.

Be friendlier

Hand someone a hot piece of lasagna. Comment on other’s posts. Find authors who are writing on similar topics or topics you are interested in and comment. Engage. Follow. You’ll be surprised at the the network and community you will build in this manner. Also, when someone follows you, follow them back. I wish I would have learned that one sooner. Lastly, there is more to the blogging world than just WordPress. While the fire inside is so delightful, it’s nice to get out and see what others are up to.

Write write write

Be consistent with your writing. I find the more consistent I am the more readers I attract. And don’t write rubbish. Nobody wants a pizza with rubbish on it. Make it appetizing. Sometimes I have a half baked idea and rather than letting it broil a bit longer, I just put it out there for everyone to see. While some will stop by to see what it is. Not very many are willing to taste it and read it.


735aa256247006090806cf175cab94ceWhile people don’t want shit on their pizza, they think it’s funny to read

shit they think is funny. If laughter is the best medicine, then swear words are the sugar to help the medicine go down. Science has shown that people who swear are more honest with their friends and family. I read that shit on the internet, bitches! But you need to be tasteful about, too. For example, don’t call your readers bitches. Going to drop the f-bomb? Better use that fucker correctly.

These are just a couple tips to help gain readers and followers that I have discovered this year. I’m still learning. So if you have any tips that are helpful that missed here, please, please, please feel free to share them with me (us).

Happy blogging!
Happy reading!

Some weird stats…

Is the WordPress stats page reliable? Maybe it’s just my writing. Last Friday and Saturday I had 121 views between the two days. Since Sunday, over a four day period, I’ve only had 46 people come to read my posts.
Last Friday I was writing about our vacation so my tags were traveling related. Perhaps those tags drew more people? Hmmm…

Do you find that certain topics tend to draw in more views and visitors? Do you stick with those topics or do you cover various subjects?