V is for… #atozchallenge


is for peace. That hand sign popular in impromptu photos. Peace out, man. Though no one knows why. V is for victory. That was made popular by Winston Churchill during the second world war.

Apparently in England it’s a rude sign. Again, thank to Urban Dictionary, way back during the 100 years war the French would cut off the middle and index fingers of English bowmen so they couldn’t shoot any more. The English who still had their digits would taught the French by showing those two fingers. Is it really a rude sign in England?

V is for vadelect. As a dad, I sometimes act the vadelect. I make breakfast and serve it. I make supper and serve it. Pour glasses of milk and juice and serve them, too. I do laundry, too. As parents, don’t we all act the vadelect? Perhaps as chauffeur to soccer matches or swim lessons or Wal-Mart. Perhaps as chefs, maids or teachers. My motto is “If I’m going to act the vadelect, it’ll be Oscar worthy.”

Acting the vadelect will only increase my vallidom. And who doesn’t want a bigger vallidom? Naturally, our vallidom isn’t recognized by our kids until they have kids of their own and realize for themselves that a parent’s vallidom is often immeasurable. Can you measure the sacrifices (if you can even call them that)? Can you measure the love, the patience, the pride and all that other stuff that takes too many words to explain? I think not.

As viatores on this journey called parenthood we often find ourselves becoming vinipotes. Ahh, those sweet whites and oaky reds. Those sauvignons, sangrias, shiraz. I’m partial to the reislings and moscatos. I read somewhere that a glass of wine is equivalent to an hour at the gym. I’m not sure how true that is. But I’m willing to try…


I wonder how many reps I could do at one time? In one day?


I hope you enjoyed this brief vocabulary lesson on parenting. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to vacate this blog. I’m feeling voracious. There will be a spelling test tomorrow.

Vadelect – a servant
Vallidom – worth or value
Viatores – wander or traveler
Vinipote – wine drinker

Yesterday, I compared my face to a refrigerator. Check it out.