Sunday Share Challenge

This past Thursday saw the kickoff of the Taboo Word Challenge. The challenge (I think) got off to a fairly easy start. Writers had to write omitting “at” one day and “do” the next. I have no doubt the challenge will kickstart some creative thinking in the next couple weeks as the words ramp up the difficulty level. Check out these posts who successfully conquered the first two days…

Daley Downing
September… already?

Grubbs n Critters
Creamy Chicken Liver Pâté Cheese Dip

Being a Survivor

Elen Grey
Beautiful Blur

A Momma’s View
Conquering two days at once…

That’s What Anxious Mom Said
The grocery list bookmark…

Micki Allen
Autumn is coming!


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autumn leaves, very shallow focus.

Taboo Words for the Taboo Word Challenge

It’s almost time for the “Taboo Word Challenge”! Thanks to the 8 who have signed on for this new challenge. The linky is still open for you to join us. Will you be next?

Note: I have changed the link up to a different site. I will switch you over. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Elen Grey

The Masterpiece





The Pied Pifer

The Invisible Moth

and yours truly…

If you haven’t heard about this challenge yet, it’s very simple. You continue blogging as you normally would. If you blog every day, awesome! If you blog every other day, awesome! If you blog when you can, awesome! Anyone is free to join. Just click the blue frog!

Here are the easy rules to follow:

  1. Don’t use the word Taboo Word of the day in your blog. Whatever day your post is being published, write it without that day’s word. If you post multiple time per day this rule only applies to one of your posts.
  2. Visit at least one of the other from the Linky list. This is as much a meet and greet as it is a challenge.
  3.  Get the nLinkz code and share it on each of your challenge posts!


Now for the Taboo Words! Please share them because the more the merrier!