Sink Soup

We’ve all done dumb shit before. Some of us have done dumber shit than others. Like that time I got my “stuck” in a cinder block. My excuse was I was only 2. In my defence, it wasn’t really stuck. My ears would roll and scrape against the block. That hurt. So my dad held my ears against my head so I could pull my head right out. I don’t know why I put in there. I must have stumbled and fell into it.

Then there was that time I was flying to Canada to see my then girlfriend, now DW and I forgot my birth certificate. This was before the days of when passports were required. My parents were kind enough to leave home at 4:30 am to bring it to me and I still made my flight.

Then there was that time DW and I were meeting my parents in DC to go to a Great Big Sea concert. I had ordered our tickets online and had put them on the fridge so I could just grab them as we walked out the door and not forget them. I forgot them. Fortunately, they could use the credit card I had paid with to track down our tickets and still get in.

Then there was the time two years ago that we celebrated American Thanksgiving here in Canada. We had family over. It was great. That weekend, right after breakfast, I put everything that was left on the turkey into a pot to boil the meat off the bones. Then we set off decorating the house for Christmas. The lights went up, the tree went up, Woody and Elfis (our elves on the shelves) were set to return. Six hours later I finally got back around to the turkey.

I put a colander in the sink to dump the turkey into so I could pick it all off the bones. Then DW comes out to see what I’m doing and asks “Where’s all the broth?”. I knew at that exact moment that I had forgotten to put a pot under the colander to catch the broth when I dumped the turkey. Six hours of broth making just went down the drain. Literally. Now, at every Thanksgiving, twice a year for us, we sit and laugh about the time I made “Sink Soup”.

We’ve all done stupid shit. Some of us just happen to have a longer rap sheet than others. Does any wonder where my two sons get it from? Nope. No one wonders for a second.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!


Bang’s Thanksgiving paint strip turkey he made in school

Here in Canada it’s Thanksgiving Sunday. Thanksgiving is officially tomorrow. We’ll have a small gathering here for supper. Though it would be nicer if it were bigger. DW’s family will joining us, so we’ll have five extra. In an ideal world we’d have an extra six more than that if my family could come, too.

It’s a time of giving thanks. We have family, friends, a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in, and food on the table. The rest is gravy on the mashed potatoes. Nanny is providing the turkey (but we’re cooking it) *reminder to myself: write about “sink soup” tomorrow*. She’s also bringing yummy pumpkin pie and Cool Whip!

I’m thankful for my mom’s stuffing recipe. Though it’s not much, and easy to make, it is a taste of “home” for me. I’ve got the bread ripped up and going stale as I type this. It’ll be ready to become delicious stuffing tomorrow morning when the turkey arrives. Yes, we’ll cook the stuffing in the turkey.

Crash is thankful for friends and family. Food. Life. Animals, tablets and school.

Bang is thankful for dad coming on the trampoline, hugs, and getting me a drink. Oh, and Snuggling with mom.

DW is thankful for peace and quiet (HAHAHAHAHAHA ain’t none of that around here – we ran out of that 8 years ago and again 4 years ago). She also says she’s thankful for a husband who spoils her. Nevermind the smile and giggle that follow making it difficult to tell if she’s being serious or sarcastic. I’m guessing a bit of both.

I remember thanksgiving growing up. Though it was at the end of November. We’d all gather at grandparents farm. There’d be so many people we’d require two tables. There’d be so much food we’d need a small army to eat all of it. After a hearty meal and lots of talk and laughter, someone would start the cleaning up process. There would a football game or a parade on T.V. Eventually, we would end up in the front yard playing football. Tackle if was just the boys- myself, my dad, brother, and some cousins and uncles. Two hand touch if the girls joined in – my mom and some cousins and aunts. Ahh the good ol’ days.

We’ll do this all again come American Thanksgiving come the end of November. As for now, I need to go put up a few Halloween decorations before the heathens drive me insane about it. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and yours wherever you may find yourself this weekend!