The Dragonfly

It is believed by some that the dragonfly represents change and transformation. There is no greater transformation than that after one passes on. So the dragonfly has come to represent loved ones coming back to visit us. I hadn’t heard of this until there was a death in the family and one particular dragonfly hung around for 3 days. Since then, for me,  the dragonfly has come to represent those who have passed on.

Since I arrived in Florida the night before last I hadn’t seen nor thought of dragonflies until this afternoon. We were attending a beautiful service at my  grandmother’s memorial. The vocalist was incredible. She sang Wind Beneath My Wings, Baby Face (my grandmother’s favorite), and The Lord Prayer. Her voice was as clear as the skies and as strong as the Florida sun. My grandmother was a pretty strong woman, too. Her will was the way and it wasn’t easily changed.

After the service there was lunch. Just off the lunch room was enclosed porch, what could be called a sun room. I went there to see the photo of my grandmother and her urn. I look out the window and what do I see? Atop a birdfeeder lands a dragonfly. I’m not sure if it was looking at me or not, but I could have sworn it was. We stared at each other for about five seconds before it fluttered off.

Was grandma coming to see me? It seems too coincidental to be mere chance. Did I thank Grandma? Yes. Yes I did.