K is for… #atozchallenge


Move your keister meester, time to kickoff the letter of the day.

I could take the easy road and just write about my KIDS since that’s what my theme is. That’s all the other days, though.

I asked Crash last night what I could write about that begins with the letter K. As any child will tell you, K is for kangaroo. I could easily write about how they bounce and jump around the house like they were kangaroo rats. I’ve already shared a clip of Bang bouncing off a door.

Last year’s post is still fitting. In the honor of originality, I won’t use that one again.

I kissed DW good-bye this morning as she left to go to work. From the backseat a certain 4 year old hollers, “Stop that kissing!” I’m not sure why he was repulsed by kissing this morning. I kiss her good-bye every morning.

Wanna  know a secret? DW and I kiss in threes.

1 for I
1 for Love
1 for You.

It’s kinda like one for me, one for you and one for love. Kooky right?

While kissing is all good and fun and healthy and a great why to gross out your kids, my favorite kisses happen in the dark.

After books are read, after the fan is turned on, after he’s all tucked into bed with the blankets pulled up to his chin (Bang likes to be cocooned like his father) I turn off his light and turn on his star frog night light. I lay down beside him and put my arm next to him. He likes to hug arms and hold hands when falls asleep. Then I kiss his little fuzzy head. He hates it and rubs it off, but I do it any way. Sometimes I give him a million kisses all over his head and he tries to rub them off. “You missed one” I tell him. “Where,” he’ll ask. “I’m not telling”. Then he’s off to dreamland to dream of whatever craziness 4 years old dream.

The big kid is slightly different. After we read and it’s lights out, I lay next to him and we chit chat for a bit. A lot of Friday’s “Go Ask Your Father” questions originate in this 5-10 minutes of darkness. The last question is always, “Will you scratch my back?” Of course I will. 5 minutes later he’s nearly asleep and twitching. I gently kiss the top of his fuzzy head and sneak out of the room.

DW gets her three after she’s all tucked in and I hear “I like head scratches.”