Z is for The End

I’m a day late on this one. Think of it as the Christmas gift that was forgotten about, lost under the tree. Or the one that arrives late in the mail. Or the one you had to buy yourself.



Whether you call it zee or zed it is for the end. It is the end of the alphabet. The Omega. It’s over. This is the last post in this year’s A to Z Challenge. Like all good things, this too must end.

Z is for the end of the day. The bedtime routine is painful, but once the kidlets are tucked in for reading time it’s one of my favorite times of the day. It’s quiet. It’s just us. We’re doing something we all enjoy that doesn’t involve running, jumping, screaming, hiding, or screens. Books are our portal to other worlds, other lives, and other times. Crash is reading the third book of Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories. He’s really enjoying them, even if he says he’s at slow part and nothing’s happening. Bang is really into the Puppy Place books by Ellen Miles. Just like days end, so too do books.

Sometimes we read a book and it’s ending makes feel like our bestie just moved away. Opening the book was like a visit from a friend. Like the world’s longest status update, we want to know what our friends are doing. We never want to get to Z, we never want it to end. It does, though, so we move on and find new friends in new books. For me that book was The Book Theif by Markus Zusak. Liesel and Rudy became a part of my every day for a while.

Days end. Books end. Lives end. Concerts end no matter how many times you chant “one more song”. So we start over. A fresh start, so to speak. We pick up the pieces and we move on. A new day is full of opportunities. Let’s make the most of it and dance!


Z is for The End



is for clever twist. According to Crossword Clue Solver there are 829 Z words. This post will use one of them.

I’ve been waiting for 25 letters to share this one. There’s a book we’ve checked out from the library numerous times. Mike Lester wrote a book in 2000 that invokes laughter and thought in equal measure. When you hear “A is for Salad” you know something is a bit off. Until you see the illustration, that is.

I’ve imitated this strategy in a few posts through this ABC to XYZ Challenge. VT, and E are few example of when I told you the letter but what it was for didn’t match. Until you read the post, that is. As you can see in the photo, A is certainly not for salad, but for the alligator that is eating the salad.

It’s a clever twist on your typical alphabet book. We writers are suckers for clever twists. (That’s why Usual Suspects is one of my all time favorite movies) We also know that “The End” isn’t really “The End”. It’s just the point at which the story stops being told.

Butt, this is the alphabet. There is nothing past Z. Or Zed. Or Зэд. Or ゼッド. (Thanks Google Translate)

So here we are…

There’s nowhere to go from here…

I guess this is it…

Z is for The End…

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