P is for …


P is for superheroes. Trust me on the this one. I know what I’m talking about.

We’ve rounded the horn and gotten through Elemenopee. Well, we’ll be through P after today.

When you have boys, P could be for pee. I’ve written enough about pee to fill a travelin’ johnny. Speaking of which, I think Crash was doing jumping jacks during his morning pee this morning.

P isn’t for poop either. That’s just gross. Though it’s funny when Bang does his #2. He talks to himself the entire time. I’ll have to record his conversation with himself sometime. “I’m all done making my pick-axe!” he hollers when he’s done.

Today will be a shout out to all the Parents out there. Even more so, to all the grand-parents. You’re too much parent to be just a parent. You’re so much parent we call you grand. My boys are lucky to have even met a great grandparent, my grand mother. Crash was lucky enough to meet both of my grandmothers.

Crash and Bang absolutely love their grand parents. They’re lucky to have an extra set. My parents are Nana and Pop Pop (Grumpy Frog). DW’s mom and and step-dad are Nanny and Pop (sometimes Popcorn). DW’s dad and step-mom are Nanny and Guppie (they couldn’t say ‘grampie’ as babies. It came out Guppie, or Gup).

We are the parents we are today because of the parents they were. We aren’t taught parenting. There are no University courses (none that I know of, anyway). There are no night classes. We learn it from watching it, living it, growing through it. Our parents didn’t know any more than we know today. I’m sure my dad would say otherwise, though. Look how awesome we turned out. Thanks! They did all right with our brother’s, too.

I think everyone goes through their phases of what they think of their parents.

  1. I love you!
  2. Ugh! You’re so annoying.
  3. I wanna leave this house.
  4. My parents were right.
  5. I love you!

We’re at stage 5. Our kids are mostly at stage 1.

Even now, they support us, encourage us in every way they can. We’re damn near 40 and they are still mom and dad. A title bestowed upon them the day we were born. A title that by far outweighs any other title. Whether it’s Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc… None will be as important as mom and dad.

They are the original superheroes.



Protecting the Innocence

I’m not going running tonight so I’ll write instead.
And eat this piece of chocolate cake, too.
We have two kids. A seven-year old and a three-year old. If I do nothing else for them, I hope I can protect them. Protect them from danger. Protect them from sadness, fear and suffering.
Our seven-year old had just discovered he wasn’t going to live forever just before he started his very first year of school. Of course, he had a million questions and we did our best to answer them truthfully, in compliance to our beliefs. We knew he was really bothered by it, and we did our best to help him understand it. Then Sandy Hook happened. We somehow managed to keep this from him, but it still sliced through our heartstrings like warm butter.
However, sometimes it can’t be avoided. I understand that. Our seven-year old was home sick April 15, 2013.  The only reason I remember is because we were watching the Boston Marathon together. So we explained the situation to him. Sometimes people do really bad things. But our focus will not be them. Instead, look at all the people to go running toward the explosions. As my dear Wife likes to say “Real superheroes don’t wear capes”. Those are the people we choose to give our attention. Regardless of what monstrosity occurred, regardless of what monstrosity could happen next, those whose first instinct was to run to help, they are the real superheroes.
There are terrorist groups beheading others. Killing in the name of their religion. There are people killing cops in both the U.S. and here Canada. There was the shooting incident on Parliament Hill. Just recently there was the shooting in Paris that killed twelve. I’m sure you’ve heard all these stories then some.
Protect the innocence.
They shall not hear any of this. Their world will be painted with rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. It will be sliding down the stairs on the crib mattress. It will be  for as long as I can protect them.
I’ll be right back. I need to go hug them now.
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