It’s So Green

Ask me what like about home and my first answer would be family and friends. My second answer would be the land. Here it is the second week of May and people are out mowing yards, the trees all have leaves, the flowers are colorful, and the bumble bees are buzzin’. Back home the spiders are so tired of the cold they’re building webs in the living room (I’ll post a pic later. I don’t have access to that photo at the moment). The grass is still brown, though the snow is gone, mostly – enough to see the grass, anyway. The trees don’t even have buds yet. The crocuses are out so it won’t be long. Back home, Mother Nature hasn’t quite woken up yet. It was warm one day so Crash thinks it’s summer and come home from school with his coat in  his backpack. The world here is green! Look at the fields of green!


Fields of Gold? Nope, Fields of green.

But right now I’m headed to Camden Yards to watch my Orioles! Whooo hoooo! Go O’s!