A Year in Review


If you’re reading this you’ve successfully made it through 2016 and into 2017. Congratulations. My blog survived the year, too. It’s coming up on two years since I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress. I brought exactly zero followers with me when I made that switch.

So how did my second year compare to my first year? Thanks to all of you, it’s a bit like comparing George Lucas’s second film “American Graffiti” with his third film “Star Wars”. The only thing missing is a few million geeks.

2015 accumulated 9,259 views.
2016 accumulated 18,997 views for an increase of 9,738. This is over double from my first year of blogging. This makes me as happy as a geek on opening night of Rogue One.

2015 had 3,510 visitors.
2016 had 6,625 visitors. This is 3,115 more. Not quite double, but close!

In 2015 I posted 316 times.
In 2016 I posted 356 times. This means I was 9 posts short of one a day for an entire year.

2015 brought 2,827 likes.
2016 brought 6,735 likes.  3,908 more! You like me! You really like me! Y’all are as awesome as a $20 bill found in a pocket of a coat you haven’t worn for a year.

2015 had some good discussions. 2,370 comments were left on my blog.
2016 had some good discussions. 5,633 comments were left on my blog. Again, this is more than double. This is the section I love to report on the most. I’ve said it repeatedly and I’ll continue to say it, your comments and stories and input are absolutely amazing. Thank you.

In 2016 my most popular page was my homepage with 3,628 views. My top three most viewed posts were my about page with 296 views, my links page with 145 views, and the taboo words for the Taboo Word Challenge with 127 views. My most popular post to date is The Value of a Teacher with 517 views.

In 2015 my blog travelled the world over. 54 countries visited my little space.
In 2016 my blog travelled the world over. Exactly 100 countries visited. That means there are just 96 countries who haven’t visited yet. The top countries to visit last year were the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, and Thailand.

2015 began with exactly zero followers, but by the end of that first year I had 253 amazing followers.
2016 began with the 253 followers from 2015. Then 456 joined us for the fun and frustration of being a parent for a total of 709 followers! Thanks to AppleGrowing Up Wonderfull, and Little Boys Are Made Of for being my most recent followers. I see the 1,000th follower coming. Will you be next?

Lastly, my top 5 commenters in 2015 were Grubbs-n-Critters, I’m Strong Enough to Break (now known as That’s What Anxious Mom Said), Elen Grey, A Momma’s View, and Terri Webster Schrandt.

In 2016 four of those 5 are still on my list of top commenters! Grubbs-n-CrittersA Momma’s ViewThat’s What Anxious Mom SaidElen GreyLife In Perspective Web, and Larva225.

I’ll end on a humorous note, the search terms that led people to my blog.

  • run sad to happy
  • sunday
  • sad running happy
  • windows 10 start button doesnt work
  • taboo challenge
  • about captain america
  • semalt expert
  • parenting
  • mountain.or.forest
  • elf on the shelf when dad’s in charge

I LOVE that sixth one.


All 709 of you are weird, but I’ve been lucky enough to find someone nearly as weird as I am and I am eternally thankful that she continues to put up with my desire to blog. XOXO


Come and Gone and Going On


The new Christmas toys are put away, already well used. All of our new Christmas pants are being hemmed by DW on her new Christmas sewing machine. Bang and I tested it out by practicing sewing straight lines by perforating the blue lines of a sheet of notebook paper. The drone has taken flight and recorded some neat video of where we live. It only flew away once. Fortunately, it landed safely and we found it quickly (unlike some others we heard about). The Polaroid has snapped shot after shot. The Polar Express chugs proudly around its track in the basement. The cardboard house is slowly being colored. My “juice box” has charged my phone while on the go. Christmas was good to us and thanks to our daily Random Act of Kindness, we are so much more thankful for it.

New Year’s Eve has come. It has gone. We partied with the same friends we partied with last New Year’s Eve. It was just as much fun this year, even if there were fewer onion rings. New Year’s Day has come. It’s nearly gone, too. I’ve thought about resolutions. The only one I can come up with is drink less Coke. I’ll switch to Pepsi.

Just kidding… I’ll start drinking less pop (soda) as soon as the bottle of Coke in the fridge is gone.

December saw less running. When I say less, I mean I went once and that was because DW’s sister-in-law (does that make her my sister-in-law, too?) was in town and invited me along. I’m going to run more. And more and more if I can help it because not running sucks.

Never mind me. What can I do to better my family? I can I teach the oldest better interpersonal skills. We’re discovering his interactions with adults needs some work. I’d like to help motivate DW to get out for her walks. Or get on for her walks – the dreadmill treadmill.

I’m looking forward to writing tomorrow’s “Month/Year In Review” as 2016 was generous to my little blog’s second year. If you want to see my first year in review, it’s right here. Seeing where my blog was at this time last year compared to where it is today, a year later, gives me giddy giggles to think about where it’ll be in one more year. I have to thank all of you for that. Yes you. The one reading this sentence right now. You have brought be here. You have kept me here and I’m grateful for that. Your discussions are dynamic. Your input is inspiring. Your readership is ramazing!

Hang on to your hats… here comes 2017!


July and August in Review

With all that was going on in July I didn’t even bother doing a review. Now that August and summer are over, I’m back in full blog mode, full teacher mode, and full running mode. Here’s how the last two months shaped up.

June was a good month stats wise. It wasn’t my best month this year, but it was decent. Unfortunately, it’s been a steady decline since. I can name several influences for this.

  • I stopped blogging to travel
  • I have been entertaining my Fitbit to get my step count up so instead of writing in the evening, I’ve been walking/running
  • I have been watching TV with DW – Ninja Warrior and Wife Swap to be exact. But it’s “us time” and that’s important time
  • I got out of the habit of writing

None of them are great excuses, naturally. But I’m back now. I’m hoping to start make regular visits to those blogs I enjoy and start making new friends. The long weekend is over and I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. We went to the beach, but that’s for another post.

July and August:

July was down 170 views from June and August was was 136 less than that. My views were down from 260 in June to 200 in July and 149 in August. I published 30 posts in June while July only had 22 and August had 13. There were 196 comments in June. July’s comments dropped to 143 while August was down to 101.

On the plus side, I am up to 152 followers. I thank each and every one of you. I would write regardless, but all of you make it much more enjoyable.Will you be my next follower?

Thanks to Jessica, Devyn, and Kari for being my latest followers.

My Home Page is my most viewed page. The Value of A Teacher is a close second and Dear Teacher is one I believe needs a little more attention.

You’ll find all my short stories neatly organized now. They have a menu of their own now. I’m going to get back into my weekly 100 word stories again. There’s always Crash and Bang, who is what this blog is mostly about. Though I do have a few tangents.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for following. I hope to hear from you!