Let’s Play Ball!

I love baseball season. Opening day was a big day for me, even though my Orioles didn’t play at home that day.

Today, baseball started for Crash. There are two teams he could have potentially made. The first is the Rep team. They’re a provincial team, meaning they will play other Rep from across Nova Scotia. He didn’t make that team. That’s okay, though. You win some and you lose some and sometimes you don’t get what you want. It was a learning experience.

This evening was the first practice for the house teams. These are the teams everyone who wants to be on a team gets to be on one. Last year there were 4 teams. This year there might be 3, maybe only 2. Someone, somewhere created a rule that kids on Rep teams can’t play on house teams, too. Normally, those kids would be divvied up between the house teams to keep one team from being a power house.

This year, as of right now, that won’t happen and that’s a whole team’s worth of players.

Anyway, Crash did well this evening. He hit, he ran, he caught. Of course, being in Blue Jay territory, kids were referring to Goins and Pillar and Bautista. Crash and I refer to Machado, Trumbo, Jones, and Davis.

Also, I enjoy coaching. I’ve coached soccer, wrestling, golf, and I may be about to add baseball to that resume. I had a blast being the dad last season and watching. Now I may get to be dad and coach and must say, I’m a bit excited.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about Crash learning one of the games I love (soccer is my other favorite). He learned a lot last year. I’m hopeful he’ll learn even more this year.

I hung a blanket from the ceiling in the basement. Then I took the tee down down there. There is just enough room for me take some swings. If there’s room for me, there’s room for the boys, too. We’ve been hitting a few balls into the blanket.

Yes. We’re playing baseball in the house. So far, no one has been hurt and nothing has been broken.


I’m Bored

God help my kids if I ever hear those two words uttered this summer. Inevitably, they’re said on the 2nd day of summer vacation.

We have a good crew of kids in our little development now. Some are a bit older than Crash and some are bit younger than Bang. We’ve got the ages covered. This means there are plenty of others their age to play with.

But more than than just having others to play with is the amount there is to do now.

  • Trampoline
  • Soccer
  • Road hockey
  • Basketball
  • Frisbee/disk golf
  • Swing set
  • Sandbox
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Rollerblades
  • Baseball

And that’s just the stuff they can play in the driveway and backyard. We have a beautiful (read huge) park to play on. It has just received an upgrade. Flex court was just laid on Sunday. The basketball court looks amazing! There’s talk of making it a multi-purpose  court by painting lines for ball hockey as well as basketball. Plus there’s a huge splash pad at the park, too.

This is by no means my summer bucket list. That post will be coming later when summer is closer than a month and half.

So help me if I hear either one of my kids says “I’m bored” at any give time, do you know what they’ll be doing? I’ve already told them this. I’ve given them their warning.

They’ll be doing chores.

  • Mowing
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Loading/unloading the dishwasher
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Cleaning their room
  • Picking up their toys
  • Cleaning Timbit’s cage (the hamster)
  • Putting laundry away
  • Whatever other busy work I can come up with

I’m just putting this out there now. For us, the first day of summer vacation isn’t until June 30th. But nice weather is upon us so I’m just preparing myself and the kids.



We want to give the boys something to do and some experience playing team sports. This evening we made them ballers.

Not basketballers, baseballers. Like their father before them, they too will play baseball. I remember living baseball all summer long. If I wasn’t at practice or a game I was playing pitch and catch or wiffleball homerun derby in the backyard. That was middle school. Going even farther back, I remember little league.

We just signed both boys up for baseball. Crash will play real games this summer instead of just practices like he had last summer. Bang will need a baseball mitt. He is the odd  duck in the family because he’s the only one who throws left-handed.

They are already at odds with each other because Crash pretends to be a Baltimore Oriole while Bang pretends to be a Toronto Blue Jay. DW said to him, “We’ll have to get you some Blue Jays gear.” Then gave me a shifty eyed look to see my reaction. I just shook my head and pretended I didn’t hear it.


Having never been on an official baseball team before, Crash was full of questions.

Will we play on a real field? Yes buddy you will.

With lights and a stadium? No you’re not in the big leagues yet.

Who will be my coach? I don’t know.

Which field will we play on? The same one you did last year and field of which ever team we travel to.

We will travel to other fields? Like on a bus? No. Not on a bus. In our truck when we take you.

Is Bang signed up too? Yes, your contracts are signed. Unlike the big leagues, you don’t get paid, but have to pay.

Now to teach him some of the rules he doesn’t know. Forced outs. Fly balls.  The positions. He’s already ahead of me when I was nearly his age. He knows which direction to run the bases. My dad stole my bases until I agreed to run the right direction. I suppose I’ll allow him to stay up to watch some O’s games with me and we can discuss the rules as they happen.


True, but we REALLY love soccer, too.