Sunday Share 28

Happy Memorial Day! Or happy opening day for camper season!

Yes, you read that right. This is my Sunday Share. Yes, it’s Monday. There goes Life again, getting all up in my business and not letting me get my posts written. My stats page resembles a wild roller coaster. Stats go up, stats go down. Stats go up, stats go down.

So here’s this week’s share. I thought I would do it a little differently today. I’m going to share my inbox with you. These are the most recent posts of the blogs that appear in my inbox. I’m not saying these are the only ones I read, of course. But these are the ones waiting at the breakfast table. Happy reading!

In no particular order…

Coach Daddy
Substitute his root beer with a Coke and his indulgences are a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 9th.

A Momma’s View
Trying to read the moral compass while living life in the fast lane…

That’s What Anxious Mom Said
Her LM is much like my Crash. However, today she interviews the writer of another blog.

A Song Diary
He posts whatever song catches his fancy and we seem to fancy the same kinds of songs.

Ah Dad
Another funny dad, this time he writes of a running injury he couldn’t suck up and run off.

Bumbi’s Mom
Her very active toddler skipped her nap… we parents can empathize

Elen Grey
The Fourth is strong with this one…

Faraday’s Candle
An excellent science blog and today they wrote about the flightless cormorant of Galapagos.

Grubbs n Critters
They’re about to make a major move from Thailand to Denmark the Netherlands, but this post is one of her recipes – Thai Kanoms.

J. A. Allen
She hosts an incredible “Sunday Scribbles Challenge” – a fun fiction writing contest of sorts.

Revisions of Grandeur
Her three boys remind me of my two and the darnedest things they say are, as always, hilarious.

Modern Mommy Madness
A bit of humor, a bit of real life, a bit of a “who’s getting up with the kid” game.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun
He writes on a smorgasboard of things from his daughter, writing, moving to Edmonton from Japan, and his various takes on life.

No Page Left Blank
She’s an author who also has a little one a smidgen older than Bang. Though she has taken a small step back from blogging to focus more on her books…. She still posts, though!

Sounds Like Life to Me
With a son who just graduated high school, she writes about life in general.


Saturday Share

Here we are at yet another weekend. There are just 5 of these left until Christmas. But if you’re not too busy and would like something fun to read, please take a peek at what I gathered JUST FOR YOU this week.

Ah Dad
Fighting evil two bullies at a time. Seriously, this one needs to be read. Like, now.

Bumbi’s Mom
Our kids kids change so fast. So do their likes and tastes.

Faraday’s Candle
Dreamers and doers. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The Science of Mom
Well supported evidence and the truth to the ingredients in newborn Vitamin K shots. I’ve had two infants in my time as a father so I was definitely curious about this one.

Dream Big, Dream Often
The selflessness is endless.

Scary Mommy
The speed of life…

Saturday Share

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope today finds you happy and healthy. If not, here’s a little something to help you. Well, it won’t really make you healthier. But it will give you something to do until you get healthy.

Lipstick and Laundry
It’s nice to have friendly bets. It’s even nicer when you win and your friend “pays up”.

Too lazy to blog? No problem. Here are some tips help be lazy and keep on blogging.

Hold Me Don’t Hold Me
Potty training isn’t easy. But it is easy to tell who’s house has someone training.

Kristen Lamb
Pay attention. Ooh shiny things! Forget the shiny things, focus. Squirrel! Ugh, nevermind.

Adequate Dad
It can be difficult to apologize to a screaming kid. But sometimes it’s not their fault.

Saturday Share

I thought I take a moment to share a few articles I read this week that I thought you might enjoy. Happy Reading!

A Momma’s View –
Ode to A Playground – It’s not the kind of playground you’re thinking of. It’s a real playground, but also one created within the imagination of a child.

Tania2atee –
Blue Jay Fever – Her Toronto Blue are (were) in the running for the World Series pennant. And sometimes things just make you skip that test in business class to catch a game…

Ann Grubbs-n-Critters
Fabulous Friday Flavor  This sounds absolutely, mouth watering, likity tasty, delicious. And I don’t even like peaches.

Coach Daddy
Elizabeth, of Autism Mom – This guest post provides a few very helpful tips for Autism Parents. They’re also great for every parent. Even a Ninja Warrior parent.

Diapers and Tutus
MTHFR – It’s not the swear word I thought it was and it deserves it’s share of awareness.

Funny Marriage Quotes Here is a good laugh for today. While these are humorous, there might be a touch to truth to them. Just sayin…