Month in Review: May

Welcome to June. It’s the last month of school here. We go all month, though. All the way until the 29th. That means 3 more Mondays, 25 days, or 17 more school days.

On another note, we had frost last night! Frost in June! Welcome to Canada. Fortunately, I was smart enough to cover the veggie garden last night. My peas and beans are sprouting beautifully. The rest is taking their good old time. The peppers are safe inside the house. So is the maple tree.


41- The number of loses my Orioles have now. This is 15 more than April’s month in review. And they’re 23 games back from the first place team (whose name I refuse to allow grace the pages of my blog).

22 – Is not how old I’m feeling. It’s how many posts I wrote and published last month. Ahh… to be 22 again. No thanks.

52 – Of the 22 posts I wrote last month, Because Parenting is Funny was the most famous with 52 views. Which is ironic because I wrote that one back in March.

1,126 – This is how old I feel. Older than Yoda’s grandmother. It’s also the number of views I had last month. I was aiming for 1,500. I came as close as the Orioles.

628 – Visitors. I’m assuming they were all Earthlings. Wouldn’t it be cool to have intergalactic visitors? Not here on earth, just ones visiting my blog. I wonder what language they’ll speak.

349 – DW and I often ask “How much do you love me?” when we want the other to do a favor for us. “Love me enough to bring me my water?” “Love me enough to bring me a snack?” Y’all liked me 349. That’s enough to keep me writing for you.

195 – While it’s the number of questions I answer this morning before leaving for school, it’s also how many comments y’all left me last month. Since comments are worth 10 times what likes are, this means I like you 1,950. My blog, my rules.

49 – This is the number of countries my blog visited. It needs no plane, train, or automobile to get there. Or a boat. Or a Donkey. It just goes. The U.S., Canada, and U.K. were the top three most visited countries. Australia was 4th and India trailed by 3 in a close 5th place.

1,376 – This number is 45 more than last month. That’s more than 1 a day. That’s almost one a half followers a day! You half followers are an interesting bunch. Now That I’m gaining followers I need to figure out how to turn those followers into readers. My latest four followers are Liberty on the Lighter SideJulia Jewell – The MomsomniaWhat Defines Me – Mommy of 8 with Cancer and Jennifer Megson. Thanks for following and don’t be strangers. Come by anytime!

Now for the competition that’s not a competition. Drum roll, please….
Here are the top commenters for the month of May.

That Anxious Mom Leads the way with 60 comments
Elen Grey followed with 47
Dewy was a close second with 32
It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes came in with 31
I Didn’t Have My Glasses On chimed in with 27 comments
Ann was on her tail with 19
*This list is based on the last 1,000 comments

Do you think you have what it takes to make it onto this list? I bet you do.

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find some new keto recipes to make for DW. Any suggestions? Do you have any favorites I should make? Meals and desserts are both acceptable!




October in Review

October shaped up to be good. Better than I expected, really. October saw 29 posts, second only to April’s A-Z Challenge. I missed a thousand views by only 126. So close. Perhaps November will see 1,000 like March did.

September was a slow month so it doesn’t surprise me that October gained 350 more views with 874. There were 297 visitors, 80 more than last month. The US, Canada, and Thailand had the most views this month. I’ve gained 16 more followers and now stand at 180. My newest followers are RaphaellaFabulous With Glitches, Siuquxe Movies, and Darly Darly. Will you get me to 200?  You don’t need a WordPress account to get posts right in your inbox!

Besides my home page, Good Cop, Bad Cop (or pissing off an 8 year old) was my most viewed page for October. My most viewed this year is The Value of a Teacher. And Sink Soup is one I thought would do better. It’s not as delicious as it sounds. I did update my About page if you haven’t seen it yet. Check it out, you might learn something about me. Or not.

We survived made it through Thanksgiving and Halloween. This month we’ll celebrate American Thanksgiving. That weekend will probably see a few Christmas decorations go up. That, in turn, will bring the much anticipated arrival of Woody and Elfis. I’m sure they’ll bring a little trouble. But that’s next month.

September in Review

We now have a full month of school under our belts. Crash and Bang survived their first colds of the season. Bang is handling the transition of going to school half days, three days a week and sometimes to his Nanny and Pop’s or to a sitter’s house. He’s enjoying all of the above. Crash has had a few struggles, but I think we’re getting past them. As for my blog, I think it’s doing what I want it to do: A) let me write and share B) get a few people to read it.

My last review included the months of July and August combined. This time it is solely September. September had 520 (100 more than August) views and saw 217 (70 more than August) visitors to just 17 (4 more than August) posts. *Side note: October will have more posts* So in that regard, my numbers have climbed ever so slightly. My top viewers came from the U.S., Canada and Japan.

I’ve gained 13 followers and am creeping up to 200 followers. I thank each and every one of you! My newest followers are Have Kids Will… Shandra and Kent. Will you be next?

Besides my Home Page, Breaking the Silence was my most viewed post in September. Please have a read if you have not already. It was a guest post written by my beautiful DW. Good Enough is one I think needs a little more attention.

I’ve been trying to convince Crash to write me a story for my blog. He’s working on it. It might take him a few weeks to get it typed. I’ll be very curious to see what he comes up with. I haven’t asked him or even seen it yet. It’ll be interesting for sure! There is also Thanksgiving (here in Canada) and Halloween coming up this month. October is my favorite color!

July and August in Review

With all that was going on in July I didn’t even bother doing a review. Now that August and summer are over, I’m back in full blog mode, full teacher mode, and full running mode. Here’s how the last two months shaped up.

June was a good month stats wise. It wasn’t my best month this year, but it was decent. Unfortunately, it’s been a steady decline since. I can name several influences for this.

  • I stopped blogging to travel
  • I have been entertaining my Fitbit to get my step count up so instead of writing in the evening, I’ve been walking/running
  • I have been watching TV with DW – Ninja Warrior and Wife Swap to be exact. But it’s “us time” and that’s important time
  • I got out of the habit of writing

None of them are great excuses, naturally. But I’m back now. I’m hoping to start make regular visits to those blogs I enjoy and start making new friends. The long weekend is over and I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. We went to the beach, but that’s for another post.

July and August:

July was down 170 views from June and August was was 136 less than that. My views were down from 260 in June to 200 in July and 149 in August. I published 30 posts in June while July only had 22 and August had 13. There were 196 comments in June. July’s comments dropped to 143 while August was down to 101.

On the plus side, I am up to 152 followers. I thank each and every one of you. I would write regardless, but all of you make it much more enjoyable.Will you be my next follower?

Thanks to Jessica, Devyn, and Kari for being my latest followers.

My Home Page is my most viewed page. The Value of A Teacher is a close second and Dear Teacher is one I believe needs a little more attention.

You’ll find all my short stories neatly organized now. They have a menu of their own now. I’m going to get back into my weekly 100 word stories again. There’s always Crash and Bang, who is what this blog is mostly about. Though I do have a few tangents.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for following. I hope to hear from you!