Mother Earth

This video came across my Facebook newsfeed a week or so ago. I couldn’t let it go without passing it on to you.

It’s only two minutes of your day. The views are majestic and the message is timeless.

By now you have figured out that I care about Earth as Earth cares about me. And it does care. It gives me water to drink, food to eat and forests to hike and run through. It gives me the company of animals, though some of them would rather eat me than keep me company. Nature provides. It gives us all we need to survive. It’s been preparing for us for a long time. It’s been here for four and half billion years – 22,500 times longer than us. I’m guessing it’ll be here that much longer after us as well.

And I wonder what kind of world are we leaving our children, our children’s children?

We are the ancestors of the future.

I’m all for looking for other planets. I’m all for looking for life beyond our own Earth. I’m all for colonizing other planets should we find one suitable and develop the technology needed to get there. I’m NOT for destroying the only planet habitable to us. I’m NOT for all the garbage and litter and waste and pollution.

Like the video said, Mother Earth has starved creatures greater than us. I have no doubt she’ll do just that should we stay on the wasteful path we’re currently on.

Rant over, thank for watching and listening 🙂





Life’s Too Short to Waste Time Matching Socks

The universe owes you nothing.

Enjoy the little things

Don’t waste time with the mundane

Don’t worry what other’s think – it’s none of your business

Life’s too short to worry about matching socks.


Bang and I with socks that don’t match. It was his idea. I may have taught him this.

We are all made of stars. Stars don’t care if their socks match.

I saw a video this morning and in this video they conducted a bit of a social experiment. First, a beautiful woman who was barely dressed sat on a bench. Then they watched to see who might say something to her. No one said anything, though she got stared at a good bit.

Afterward, a beautiful woman who was fully dressed sat on the same bench breastfeeding her baby. Again, they sat and watched. Several walked by her and told her what she was doing was “disgusting” or to “put it back in her shirt”.

Why does it matter if a woman breast feeds in public? Why does it matter if someone is gay, lesbian, bi, trans, green, purple, or blue? Why does it matter if someone chooses to have no kids or nineteen? Why are we so quick to judge? But not just judge, but actually voice that judgement?

The world will continue to rotate. The world will continue to revolve. The days and years will pass regardless of who thinks what. In the grand scheme of things we are just a dust moat in the solar system, microscopic to the universe.

Be kind to someone today.


The Value of a Teacher

Our school year has 10 extra day built into it to accommodate for snow days. Teachers are paid by salary so they make the same amount whether those snow days are used or not. As of this writing, we have used 8 of those 10 allotted days and school boards are scrambling trying to decide if those missed days need to be made up. If they decide yes, then they need to figure out how. Continue reading