The Daily Elf

December 5

After getting Bang to bed, I made a deal with Crash. I would allow him to stay up “late” (9:00) if he helped me do a quick clean in the living room and kitchen. He agreed. While we were washing dishes I asked if he wanted to make cookies.

“It’s 7:45 at night! Isn’t it too late?”

So we did. It was just a small batch* of soft baked cookies from A Pinch of Yum. Crash helped measure, dump and stir and they turned out delicious. Apparently, Woody and Elfis think so, too! They even took a couple back to Santa!


*A small batch was technically a double batch and it made 21 cookies.

The Daily Elf

December 2nd

We have a little beach jar full of shells decorating our window sill. Beside that jar are four small vials and some post-it notes. Occasionally, we will leave each other “secret” notes for each other written on a post it note, rolled up tightly and slipped into the family member’s vial. We keep a bucket of the notes we’ve written so far this year. This morning, Woody and Elfis have been found writing us their own notes.

They write that Santa appreciated how well Crash played with Bang outside after school yesterday. He also appreciates how Bang hasn’t been stomping and screaming. He tells me that he loved the turkey soup I made last night (the elves must have taken him some).  Last, but not least, he has asked DW for a push or two if his sleigh gets stuck Christmas Eve. Perhaps I’ll stick some antlers on her, give her red nose and call her Rudolf!


The Daily Elf

December 1

Today they are just hanging out. They’re on the snowflakes (they LOVE snow) hanging from the ceiling. It appears they’re watching each other, but they may have been deep in conversation about the latest trends up at the Pole when we humans showed up and they “went stuffed”. As you can clearly see, Elfis is the goofy one hanging upside down. Hope his face doesn’t turn as red as his suit!


The Daily Elf

November 30th

These guys and gals are either loved or hated. Sometimes both at the same time. Their names are Woody and Elfis and our boys love them. They look forward to their return every year.  We love them because they bring Christmas Spirit with them. Today was their first day back and I’ve already seen a change in Bang. He’s definitely trying hard. Where he used to stomp and scream he now calmly asks for help. Crash is still arguing, but that will probably (hopefully?) cease once he sees his name on the naughty list.

Oh yes. There is a nice and naughty list. Woody and Elfis bring it from the North Pole with them and they are in charge of it. Should the boys do something naughty list worthy their names will magically change over to the naughty side. Mom and dad have made it over there on occasion. Even Woody and Elfis make an appearance on the naughty list from time to time. No one is immune.

See, these two elves keep watch on Crash and Bang to make sure they are behaving. Every night they fly back to the North Pole to give Santa their report on the behavior they saw. The boys know not to touch them or they will lose their magic and won’t be able to fly back to Santa. I’m sure you know the story.

Sometimes they get into mischief – making messes, being silly, having fun, or hiding in some unexpected places.

I’m going to post a photo of them every day for the next 25 days to let you know what they’re up to. It may serve as inspiration for the elves of other children to create some fun, some magic, and some laughter.

As per every year, their first hiding spot was in the Christmas tree. It’s what signaled them to come back, after all. Their beacon, if you will. Who knows where they’ll turn up tomorrow. Well, I do, actually.