Changing the World

Can you change the world? Can I? It’s not an easy undertaking. The world is a pretty big place, after all. What could you do to change it? Something so big, so important, that the whole world takes notice and thereby becomes a better place.

Nah. That’ll never happen. I’m too small. Too insignificant. I’m just one person, what can I do?

What I can do is change how I define the world.

What is the world? For me, for you, for all us, it is our house. It is our neighbors and neighborhood. Simply put, the world is the part we have a direct influence over. It is the part we interact with.

It begins with our family, the people we live with, the ones we interact with every day. We can easily change their world. Kindness. Patience. Compassion. It’s often hardest to show such traits to those who share our dwelling. They have the greatest opportunity drive us batty. But we can change their world with a few positive character traits. We can make their day, set their day off on the right track, or end their day with a smile.

I may not be able to change your world. However, I can certainly change mine and those around me.

Change the World Quote

Make It A Great Day

Sometimes posts land in your lap. They come to you as if you were sitting in a taxi on Highway in Sao Paulo with guy who just jumped out because he was about to pee his pants. 

Sometimes they quietly tap you on the shoulder and quietly whisper, “Don’t get bitter, get better“. 

That sparked a memory. 

Once upon a time I taught 4th grade. The school I taught in televised their daily announcements every morning. Thanks to our vice principal, they always ended with,

Make it a great day. Or not. The choice is yours.

In our lives, the run of the mill, ordinary day, this holds true. Imagine if every little thing that went wrong in our day, ruined us for the rest of it. 

Crash often gets upset or angry over the littlest things and I ask him, “Did getting angry solve the problem? No? Then there was no need for it.” Granted, there are times when getting angry is necessary, when it will solve your problem. But the other 99% of the time, calm patience wins over. 

Is it a problem or is it a challenge? Problems create stress. They ruffle our feathers. They cause us to lose our patience. We twist more, we push more, we hammer harder. 

If we find our Zen we find that sometimes a whisper is louder than a shout. Sometimes gentleness is stronger. Sometimes the anger just isn’t worth it. If you make your problems into challenges to be solved, you can rise above them. You can solve them with ease and understand that it’s not the way you planned it, but it still works. The world won’t end because things didn’t go exactly as you envisioned they would.

Rise to the challenge. Make the change you need to make to solve your problem and move on. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. Flight just got canceled? They don’t give two nickles how angry you are about it, they’re not going to uncancel it. Kids just dumped cheerios all over the backseat? Anger won’t clean up the mess. Employ the patience when it’s Kool-Aid or cheesie dust. 

If you read yesterday’s nonsense post, you know I had pretty much nothing to write about it so I wrote nonsense. I could be bitter about it. Why did I post nonsense when I could have posted nothing and just written today? Because sometime our practice, our training requires us to be subpar. We learn more from our failures than our success. Successes are much sweeter, though. Reflect on the failures to make your best better. 

Problems beget problems. However, challenges create champions. Be a champion. Or not. The choice is yours.

I is for… #atozchallenge


is for… wait wait wait. I gotta tell you about this morning first. Timbit and Dozer (our two hamsters, in case you’re new here) are starting to get used to us. We’ve only had them 9 days if you count the day we brought them home. They’re spending less time sleeping and more time nosing around. They’re also starting to let us handle them more. Crash has taken this as a sign to visit them whenever he wants. I wouldn’t mind so much, but this morning he left both of their cage doors open. (I’ll give him credit for going to wash his hands) So whichever one of you told me they’re escape artists, there’s no art to it if all they have to do walk out an open door. Dozer was still looking out his door contemplating his escape when Crash closed his door. Timbit wasn’t so slow. She was already under the couch. Fortunately, she ran herself into a corner where she was apprehended.

Okay, back on track.

I could be for igloo. We built one the size of a small estate last winter. Built over 2 days, it lasted 8 days before a 10 degree rainy day turned it to soup.

I could be for imagination because our two boys have so much of it. You know you’re in for a good story when Bang starts with, “When I was at Cat’s house”. (Cat is his imaginary friend) And Crash with Lego creations!

I could be for instigate. You know, when one kid picks on another just get them riled up. It usually ends up with screaming, wrestling, or hitting. Sometimes I just let ’em duke it out. Sometimes I play referee. Usually, I try to put a stop to it.

All those words are incredible.

Are you impatient, yet?

It’s so difficult for kids to wait, especially mine. They want it and they want it now. They’re hungry, feed them immediately! Nevermind that supper will be ready in 15 minutes. They just got $5. Take them to the store to spend it on something junky that will be lost or broken by the next day. Nevermind saving it to buy to buy something better. Except for chores. They’re never too impatient to do a chore. That word alone is enough to incite a riot!

Crash is ready to plant seeds outside. OUTSIDE! Uh, hello! We’re in Canada. Yesterday there was snow on the ground. Nevermind waiting until the ground thaws to give the seeds half a chance.

Why do we have to wait until AFTER supper to have those cookies mom just made or that ice cream we just bought while grocery shopping?

I wish we could just teleport so we don’t have to take this looooooong car ride. It’s just a 20 minute drive and since we’ve been driving for 15, how much longer do we have? Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.

It can be tough to be patient as an adult. Nevermind the kid who has no (or very little) concept of time. Later is too vague and 10 minutes is the same as 10 days. Bang had his primary orientation day last week. Essentially, it was a 1/2 day of kindergarten. He had so much fun he wants it to be September now. Not just now, but NOW damn it! He was pissed when he woke Friday morning to find out he was going back to kindergarten and not to primary (here, pre-school is called kindergarten and kindergarten is called primary). “When is it going to be September?” I’m glad he’s so excited to go, but it’s going to be a long 5 months if this keeps up.

What makes you impatient?



J is for…

JJourney. If you’ve read my post the last couple days, you know we’ve been on a journey of sorts. It wasn’t one of a thousand miles. Not even a thousand kilometers. Just 393 from start to finish and covered the span of three days.

I was thinking of our journey on the two hour drive home and was originally planning to summarize our journey to the hotel, two night stay and journey home. Then I realized, this wasn’t just one journey.
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