Monday Share: Week 35

In exactly 16 weeks it will be Christmas night. The gifts will all be exchanged. Santa will have made his magical appearance and elves will have hitched a ride off their shelf. Maybe there will be snow, this year. Maybe it’ll be 20C (70F) again. Bellies will be stuffed with stuffed turkey. For just one day, all will be right with the world…

But for now, it’s September. The kids backpacks are stuffed like Christmas turkeys with all their back-to-school supplies. They’re all fresh and clean and smelling like their bath bombs from Lush. The youngest is a bit sparkly from his and he loves it. His mother sniffed him and he was furious. He fussed at her, Don’t lick my sparkles off! 

Whether your part of the world is beginning to settle and chill into winter’s sleep or it’s just waking from it’s slumber, sit back and read a post that I forgot to share yesterday because I forgot what day it was…

I think I like the Monday Share better, anyway.

ps. I hope you had an amazing Labor Day weekend!
pps. Let me know down the comments which link you checked out. Thanks a bazillion!

A runner, a whiner, and $100 bucks unclearly spent, but at least back-to-school shopping got done. Mostly.

Three’s A Herd
When you want to live in the now, but you also need to know what tomorrow brings…

Harsh Reality
When you put in the time, the time gives back…

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Tania 2 a Tee
When you’re kids are more excited to return to school than you are…

All In A Dad’s Work
A little rant about the end of summer, back to school, and teacher support…

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Sunday Share

A friend of mine (from real life) had a terrifying experience with her little guy while they were traveling. She has just recently started blogging about it and calls her space “Green Grapes”. I’ve shared her first two posts here.  Please pop over and read her story. You won’t be disappointed. Especially when you see how friggin’ cute her boys are! The others are friends of mine (from blog life) and will be great reads, too. Now I’m off to tidy up the house before going to the beach!

Green Grapes
When your little one takes a seisure while you’re traveling abroad…

Green Grapes
The story behind Green Grapes and being a Warrior…

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives
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Mother Hustler
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Saturday Share

I like sharing. Especially things I like that I think you’ll like, too. Here are some posts I enjoyed this week. Oh, and Happy Halloween!!

Strong Enough to Break
 She indirectly writes about the power of words. Glad to know Daniel grew out of that phase to become a respectful human being.

No Page Left Blank
Tracey loves the horror of Halloween. Do you read scary books? Perhaps you’ve read Nowhere to Hide?

I Read Encyclopedias
Jay Dee is on the road to learning numerous language. How many can you speak?

Harsh Reality
Jason is one of the most selfless bloggers I’ve ever (virtually) met. Looking for the next great blog to read? Chances are good you’ll find it somewhere in his blog. Plus his blog is great, too!

Life Kids and A Glass of Red
Emma has a great project if you’re looking for a cheap, easy way to entertain your kids outside. Bonus? There’s no possibility of your walls getting drawn on. Win Win!

Ah Dad
Idiot frat boys. Geriatric white males. Homeless people. He took a stroll down Bourbon Street.

Jack-o'-lantern carved in the shape of Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and lit with tea lights