My Poetry of You

old stone bridge

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I never write a line
nor the stroke of my pen does start
without the tender, emotional
chords pulling at my heart.

So feel my eyes upon you
as you do the things you do,
as I draw my inspiration
from the poetry of you.

I find my poems
in your silent voice at night,
written within your whispers
wandering through my dreams.

And when you cross that old stone bridge
over the glassy still water,
and wander the wildflower meadow
you’ll find me dreaming.

For I believe in magic
That dreams come true,
I believe in the power of hope
For I believe in you.

*This was written somewhere around the time we got engaged or married. I’m not sure what “old stone bridge” I’m talking about. Perhaps it represents crossing into married life? 😀 ❤