Garbage and My Blog

Garbage truckIt’s Tuesday again. That means it’s garbage day. It’s up to DW and Bang to get the garbage to the curb this morning. Crash and Bang are best friends with the garbage men Kyle and Lewis. They hear the truck coming down the road and they plaster themselves to the window to watch. One day, Bang had a complete meltdown because the garbage wasn’t going to come. It was Wednesday. There was no consoling him. Crash and Bang will wait in the driveway for them. Sometimes they let Crash pull the lever to crush the garbage. Bang won’t get that close. He doesn’t like the noise of the truck. Though, once, Kyle did get him to go near enough to pull a lever. Once. Bruce, who to drove the truck before Lewis, brought Bang a hat from the garbage company. When we make cookies or muffins we make sure to leave some for the garbage men.

But Tuesday also means something else, especially for my blog. According to my stats page, Tuesdays are my days with the most views. I’m not sure why. I write six days a week. Why Tuesday? Is that the slowest day at work so people have more time to read blogs? Even more specifically, 11:00 AM is the time I get visited most frequently. I suppose since it’s 10:55 AM now, I have 5 minutes to get this posted.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday and you’ve found your way to my blog. My cozy corner. My miniscule corner of the internet. Make yourself cozy, follow a few links, read a few posts, and leave a some comments. Who knows? You might be here until Wednesday.