Questions I Asked My Parents

I call them Ma and Pa. Or Mom and Dad.  Over 40 years ago they brought me into this world. Nearly 4 years later they brought in my brother. They did before seatbelts were mandatory. They did it before cell phones. They barely did it before computers (they gained their popularity in my middle school years) (their first computer had 1/2 gig hard drive!). We sure had our share of laughs (too many to list in one spot). Now I’m living through the memories of my childhood as my parents.

They have graciously agreed to take part in today’s blog. They even responded to the questions in time for me publish this today. So in lieu of “Questions I Asked My Kids” I bring you the all new “Questions I asked My Parents”. Even I learned something about them! Thanks Ma and Pa!


1. What are 3 words your parents would use to describe you?

MaTomboy, talkative, dog lover
Pa: Quiet, patient, smart (I was going to say extremely intelligent but you limited me to 3 words so I will just go with smart)

2. What other names did you like for brad (my brother) and I?

MaYou were Boo (because you liked to play peak-a-boo as a baby). Bradley was Bub because of Aunt Mary Ellen.
PaActually Bradley & Eric were just fine for me, although they were pronounced in various ways depending on the situation, and what you two were up to or into.

3. What was your favorite vacation?

MaTrip to Alaska for our 25th anniversary.  It was a dream trip and never thought it would happen.
Pa: Alaska

4. What’s one memory of Brad and I that makes you laugh?

MaThere are lots of those.  You played so well together.  Homerun Derby in the backyard, you getting your head stuck in the cinder block.  Flashlight Tag and  Mrs. Cooper (our elderly neighbor) thinking we were being robbed because of the dark house and flashlight beams flying around.
Pa: The Drive thru at McDonalds when we ordered sundaes with nuts (balls), I still think about it every time I drive thru
(whole story: back when they asked you if you wanted your sundae with nuts my brother I were in the back seat telling him “yeah, get nuts, wet nuts! Sweaty one!” Dad was laughing so hard he had to leave the drive thru, circle around and try again)

5. What’s something you miss from “the good ol’ days?”

MaAll of yours & your brother’s sporting events. Watching you guys play and the social aspect of watching games with friends. 
Padigging my own worms and walking to the river to go fishing

6. If you get reincarnated as an animal, what do you hope to come back as?

MaAn otter.  They aren’t hunted so much anymore and they don’t fight, but solve their differences with games.  Besides, they are just darn cute!
Pa: Eagle









7. What’s your karaoke song?

Ma: Really?  Think about that. Dad & I doing Karaoke?  Really?  Think about that. (They don’t do karaokeI sing along to any song I know the words to. Love classic rock, country and Frank Sinatra kind of music.
Pa: Actually I’ve never sang karaoke but if I drank enough I might try Louis Armstrong’s “It’s A Wonderful World” or Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Blues “

8. What was high school like for you?

MaHigh school was good for me. I marched in the drill team and was the sports editor for the school newspaper. High school was a good distraction from things being tough at home.
Pa: I was 
pretty self-conscious when it came to making friends but I had my own ballpark so that helped, other than that just being oblivious to what an adult working for a living would actually be like

9. What are 3 things (shows, sports, etc…) you like to watch on T.V

MaNCIS, Orioles baseball, Steelers football
Pa: Road Runner cartoons, Orioles Baseball and science shows

10. What was your first car? What color was it? Do you remember how much it cost? 

MaMy first car was a brand new Ford Pinto that was bright orange.  It went on the road with tax, tags & title for a whopping $2800. I, unfortunately, was able to buy it with the insurance money I got when my Dad died right after I graduated from high school.
PaImpala station wagon, blue, free (I think)


Sunday Share- Happy Mothers Day Version!


How lucky can a guy get? I have 3 mom’s. 4 if you count the mother of my children. And really, it has been said that I am the child she didn’t have labor pains for. They boys got her the game Blokus (we learned not to trust Bang with a secret), a lightweight, turquoise pullover and coupon to get new rain boots. I have one biological mom who was at the Mother’s Day Orioles game today in beautiful Maryland weather and saw the big 11-3 win against Oakland. I have 2 mom-in-laws, too. Technically, one is a step mom in law, but we just ignore the step part.

But to say they’re the only mom’s I’ve had growing up would be foolish. I have to give shout outs to three other mothers –  Mrs. Garey, Mrs. Landis, and Mrs. Moore. It really does take a village.

Anyway… to all you moms out there, Happy Mother’s day and happy reading!

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10 Questions I Asked My Kids


I haven’t done this regular post for a few weeks now. I used the excuse of doing the A-Z Challenge to not ask the questions. In reality though, I just didn’t feel like making the connection from the letter of the day to how it fit in. The 10 questions are back! Actually, Bang came looking for me and asked, “Can you ask me questions for your blog?”

Yes. Yes I can.

Can the first question be, “What dreams did you have?”

Yes. Yes it can.

Apparently, he has a dream he wants to share with you…

1. Did you have any dreams last night?

Crash: Nope.
Bang: Yep! We went under the train tunnel and a train came exploding right through and then we RAN past the train tracks and we got on to a piece of wood and watched it go by. It was tipping. The board was tipping and I nearly fell off, but I didn’t fall off. I almost fell off. I think there was a handle there for me to hang on to so I didn’t fall off. And that train was pretty cool.

2. Are you going to get married?

Crash: Yes. To a girl in my class.
Bang: No. Because only girls get married. What does marry mean?
I tell him, “It’s when you love someone and you want to live with them forever”
Oh. I want to marry Crash.

3. Who is God?

Crash: He’s a ghost up in Heaven.
Bang: God is a sheep because he eats lots of stuff and sheeps eat lots of hay. I don’t know what sheeps eat.

4. If Timbit could talk, what would she say?

Crash: Give me more treats! Lets run around! More treats!
Bang: Boo boo head Bang. She would wish she could be super huge.
“How big?” I ask.
“This big!” he says holding his arms fully outstretched.

5. What’s one thing that scares you?

Crash: When someone is hiding and they jump out and scream. That scares me.
Bang: When it’s dark and the doors are closed and the flashing lights are on.
(Translation: He doesn’t like being in the basement and seeing the lights on the wireless router blinking.)

6. Besides tickling, what makes you laugh?

Crash: Funny TV shows like Duggy (on Treehouse)
Bang: Telling jokes.

7. Tell me a joke.

Crash: Knock knock
Who’s there?
Banana who?
You just slipped on a banana!

Bang: Knock knock
Who’s there?
Banana who?
A puppy dog made out of a banana.

8. Are you going to have kids when you grow up? What will you name them?

Crash: Yes. Alex and Ruby.
Bang: Yeah. George and Zandar.

9. What’s your favorite smell?

Crash: Cookies.
Bang: Broccoli and hodogs.

10. What do you know about mom?

Crash: She love you. She want to have Blockus.
Bang: I know that she’s really really fast. She’s a good runner. I love mom the best.


11. What should we get mom for Mother’s Day?

Crash: Make her a card. A surprise party.
Bang: Blockus (a game), a new couch, a love card present, and a cut out blue heart.


P is for …


P is for superheroes. Trust me on the this one. I know what I’m talking about.

We’ve rounded the horn and gotten through Elemenopee. Well, we’ll be through P after today.

When you have boys, P could be for pee. I’ve written enough about pee to fill a travelin’ johnny. Speaking of which, I think Crash was doing jumping jacks during his morning pee this morning.

P isn’t for poop either. That’s just gross. Though it’s funny when Bang does his #2. He talks to himself the entire time. I’ll have to record his conversation with himself sometime. “I’m all done making my pick-axe!” he hollers when he’s done.

Today will be a shout out to all the Parents out there. Even more so, to all the grand-parents. You’re too much parent to be just a parent. You’re so much parent we call you grand. My boys are lucky to have even met a great grandparent, my grand mother. Crash was lucky enough to meet both of my grandmothers.

Crash and Bang absolutely love their grand parents. They’re lucky to have an extra set. My parents are Nana and Pop Pop (Grumpy Frog). DW’s mom and and step-dad are Nanny and Pop (sometimes Popcorn). DW’s dad and step-mom are Nanny and Guppie (they couldn’t say ‘grampie’ as babies. It came out Guppie, or Gup).

We are the parents we are today because of the parents they were. We aren’t taught parenting. There are no University courses (none that I know of, anyway). There are no night classes. We learn it from watching it, living it, growing through it. Our parents didn’t know any more than we know today. I’m sure my dad would say otherwise, though. Look how awesome we turned out. Thanks! They did all right with our brother’s, too.

I think everyone goes through their phases of what they think of their parents.

  1. I love you!
  2. Ugh! You’re so annoying.
  3. I wanna leave this house.
  4. My parents were right.
  5. I love you!

We’re at stage 5. Our kids are mostly at stage 1.

Even now, they support us, encourage us in every way they can. We’re damn near 40 and they are still mom and dad. A title bestowed upon them the day we were born. A title that by far outweighs any other title. Whether it’s Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc… None will be as important as mom and dad.

They are the original superheroes.



Behind this Great Guy



Hi DW. Happy Birthday!

Once upon a time I called myself Superdad. But I wouldn’t be so super, I might be mediocre at best, if it weren’t for someone else. I have my moments of greatness. Not often, mind you. When they happen, there’s a reason. I wouldn’t be Superdad without her.


While today might not officially be a holiday- local, national, international, or intergalactic, we’ll be celebrating as if it were. Stew. Singing. Cake on fire. Presents.I’ve written about her before so you have a few hints at how incredible she is.
But do you know how amazing she really is?

If she were a B52, she’d be the BOMB.
If she were a racecar, she’d be a Ferrari.
If she were a dude, the Queen would tap her shoulder with a sword and we’d call her “Sir”.

161 moons ago (that’s many moons ago) I met her at an airport. Not by chance, mind you, I flew her to that airport so I could see her in person. She lived in Nova Scotia, I had just moved to Virginia. 13 years, one big move, and two kids later, I’m still the lucky one.

She’s thoughtful, caring, kind, generous, smart, beautiful, and a plethora of other wondrous adjectives. She’s an amazing mother, wife, daughter, niece, and aunt.

Thanks, hon, for making this guy feel like a king, smarter than I really am, and for laughing at with me. We’ve been on one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but it’s only made us stronger. Love you milluns and billuns, babe!


A Throw Back

ParkThe image on the left is of our park now. Prior to this park it was all open land with a very small, rusty, toddler jungle gym. Baby slides, a few swings, and an old school metal slide that you basically had to climb a ten foot ladder to ride the slide down. This is the after shot. The equipment to the right is more for toddlers while the equipment on the left is more for 6 and ups. But everyone, of course, play everywhere. If you look carefully you can see a large splash pad at                                                                                                 the back left.

Back in 2013, DW was heavily involved in our town’s park project. I can’t say enough about it really. Four people  spearheaded a committee of volunteers. They partnered with the organization “Let Them Be Kids” who matched the donations collected dollar for dollar. Four people and their team of volunteers drummed up enough donations in four short months to build a park worthy of a city 10 times our size. The park was essentially built in one day. There were days of prep before hand, naturally, but our town came together to put all the structures up on one wet, drizzly day. 500 people moving stone, drilling, bolting, lifting, working as a team… All it took was a few people to get motivated.  DW loved volunteering for that project. And I loved working behind the scenes putting the kids to bed on evenings she would be out for a meeting.

That’s when we developed a little tradition of sorts. One of those “when mom’s away” traditions. Whenever mom would be at a park meeting at bedtime, the boys would get to eat their toast and yogurt in bed. Our bed. Where there was a TV to watch. Back then, they’d watch Doc McStuffins.

single-music-notes-msc_note1The Doc is in and she’ll fix you upsingle-music-notes-msc_note1
If you’re a toy then you’re in luck

toast in bed

This photo is dated May 2014 – nearly 2 years ago


I made them sit on top of the covers. AND I put a towel down to eliminate all chances of crumbs in bed. They’re on DW’s side anyway.

Well, DW was out yesterday evening. Not for long, just during bedtime snack. So we brought back the tradition. The boys had just had a shower/bath and were all clean, lotioned and in pajamas. Mythbusters was on. We just learned this is their final season! (That’ll be another post)


Dated January 2016

It’s a fun little thing they do. Plus they actually sit together without killing one another. If you look carefully you’ll notice a piece of irony? In the first picture they are watching Doc McStuffins. In the second picture, that pink cup by the lamp is a Doc McStuffins cup!

Do you have any fun little traditions or fun little treats that only get used if the time is just right?

23 Questions to Ask Your Kids

Back in June, I asked Crash these same 23 questions. You can read his answers here. This time it was Bang’s turn. His answers did not disappoint. Happy Reading!

Child’s Name: Bang
Age: 4
1. What is something Dad always says to you?
I love you
2. What makes Dad happy?
3. What makes Dad sad?
4. How does Dad make you laugh?
He does dummy cartwheels (cartwheel and fall over)
5. What was Dad like as a child?
He like compost trucks and dump trucks
6. How old is Dad?
7. How tall is Dad?
8. What is Dad’s favorite thing to do?
Play with me
9. What does Dad do when you’re not here?
10. If Dad becomes famous what will it be for?
11. What is Dad really good at?
Sorting Laundry
12. What is Dad not very good at?
Knocking wires down
13. What is Dad’s job?
Watering plants for mom
14. What makes you proud of Dad?
Playing trucks and dumping dominoes into the dump truck
15. What is Dad’s favourite food?
16. What do you and Dad do together?
Play trains
17. How are you and Dad the same?
We’re both wearing black
18. If your Dad was a cartoon character who would he be?
Stella (from Stella and Sam)
19. How are you and Dad different?
I have a blue and white shirt and has an orange one in his drawer
20. How do you know Dad loves you?
Because he kisses me
21. What does Dad like best about Mommy?
She helps do dishes
22. Where is Dad’s favorite place to go?
To the park
23. How old was Dad when you were born?

His answers were far from different from Crash’s, yet they still convey what he thinks of me. Go ahead and give it a shot. I would love to hear how your kids answer these questions!

Izzy May I: The Write Shot in the Foot

In response to Izzy’s “May I Write

I should title this “Izzy, may I change the topic ever so slightly?”

So I don’t really have advice for writers. How could I tell others how to do what I can’t? Well, I can write, obviously. But I only blog and I’ve only been doing that for a couple months now. However, I am a parent. I’d say I’m a  pretty darn good one, too, if I say so myself. So here’s my advice to parents. Continue reading