I’m Sorry World

I’m sure you’ve all heard of climate change, formerly known as global warming. It’s causing glaciers and the polar ice caps to melt which causes the ocean levels to rise and the polar bears to lose their habitat. Without the ice to reflect the sunlight, the dark waters absorb more heat and thereby warms the Earth even faster. This heat difference also causes more extreme weathers – hotter summers and colder winters and severe weather, like hurricanes, are worsened by the effects of climate change. 

And it’s all my fault.

Not mine directly, but my offspring. My offspring are killing the polar bears. Both of them as a matter of fact. What the hell is it with doors and lights? They have no trouble turning the light on when they enter a room. Yet, when they leave, through the exact same God damn door, they don’t bother to flick the switch down to turn the light off. The lights are on but noboby’s home. They love to burn light bulbs for the frickin’ dust bunnies. And because they don’t clean their rooms, there are plenty of those hopping around. All that energy just being wasted like we’ve got nothing better to spend our money on than the electricity to light up a room nobody is in. All that energy created by the power company who, I’m pretty sure I can hear laughing in the night, is laughing at me. They’re getting rich off me because my kids don’t know how to flick the switch a second time. They’re burning more and more CO2 emitting coal to light all the rooms nobody is in. 

Then there are the doors to enter and exit the house. Like the switches they can flick up to turn on a light yet can’t flick down to turn the light off, they can open a door to get out of it, but can’t close it behind them. All of our nice, warm, cozy inside air wanders right out the door like a wayward teen. They can’t close it when they leave the house. They can’t close it when they enter the house. I have seen them exit by way of the back door and then immediately enter through the front door and leave both of them swinging wide open like a barn door a bull busted off the hinges. In JANUARY! I don’t like to be stereotypical, but if the only thing you know about Canada, is that it gets cold enough in winter to make Hoth look like a tropical resort. So because of my leave-the-door-flapping-in-the-freezy-breeze kids, the Earth is warming uncontrollably. 

I’m sorry Earth.

Note: In Bang’s defence, he is significantly better at turning lights off when he leaves the room. The door is just as much a problem for both of them.

Close the door!


Merry Christmas and Thank You for All You Do

This is the time of year when we bring trees inside and decorate outside. I didn’t work today. This “work to rule” strike has made getting subbing days even harder. All professional development days have been cancelled for teachers. Anyway, I’m not here to moan about subbing…

I was busy today. I so wanted to write this morning, but I had a list of things to accomplish longer than my arm. Cleaning was first and foremost. Along with finishing the laundry I started last night. It all makes me want to live in a nudist colony. I wouldn’t mind DW walking around naked all the time…

Back on track…

Today’s Random Act of Kindness was to bake cookies and deliver them to the RCMP (police) station, the paramedics and firefighters. I made 72 oatmeal chocolate chip. They’re a household favorite. Perhaps I’ll share my recipe. After the boys got home from school, Crash did his math homework and then we delivered said cookies.

At the police station we met 2 very nice officers who thanked us and allowed the boys to get some pictures with them. Then they showed them the rest of the station, including the jail cells. I let the boys know should an officer ever call me and tell me they are in there, I’ll be leaving them there until morning. Of course, the boys had a million questions and one officer gave us his business card so the boys could email him if they thought of any more.

Then we hopped over to the EHS (emergency health services) and delivered cookies to the paramedics. Again, the boys were thanked and allowed a photo op with a couple of  medics in front of the ambulance. One paramedic took their picture to be put on the EHS’s Facebook page! Then they were invited inside and given a coloring book, reflective slap bracelet, and a color changing pencil.

At both places the oldest would hand over the tin of cookies while the youngest passed a Christmas card. One would tell them, “Merry Christmas.” and the other would tell them, “Thank you for all you do.”

From there we skipped over to the fire station, but being a volunteer station there wasn’t anyone around. So we’ll have to try them again.

While the cookies were baking this afternoon, I managed to decorate outside. It’s not much, but Santa shouldn’t have trouble seeing our place as he flies overhead.

Merry Christmas. Thank you for all you do!


My Two Buddies

Some people love ’em.

Some people hate ’em.

I’m a love ’em sorta dad. Since today is December 1st we made sure to haul out the Christmas decoration yesterday. Fortunately, the boys were home from school. Not because of the two inches of snow we got but because it was an in-service day for the teachers.

We began the day by buying snow boots. It’s amazing how fast feet grow between March and November! Then we played in the snow. Bang and I built a snowman. The snow was so wet and heavy that he ended up crushing himself (the snowman, not Bang). He was mad because he couldn’t figure out what to use for eyes. Crash attempted to snowboard down the driveway. The snow was so wet and sticky that he did more scooting than boarding. He got mad and stormed inside because he was “frozen”. I told him to “let it go. let it go. Don’t hold it back any more”.

Anyway… back to where this was going…

Where were we going, again?

Oh yeah… Christmas decorations. The boys and I hauled the stuff up from the basement. The Fisher Price Little People nativity scene is erected. Bang likes to pretend it’s a train and pulls baby Jesus all over the house.


Yes. That’s a wise man where the Angel should be.

The “winter scene” is arranged on the bookshelf.


All the beautiful angels are watching over the cozy house and the 3D printed snowmen.

Both boys homemade and schoolmade handmade decoration are up. I’ll share these in the days to come. These are the special pieces. They’re irreplaceable. They are priceless items that could never be replaced because they’ll never again be the age and size they were when they made them. Unless I find a Delorean and 1.21 gigawatts.

The lights were put in the window and the Christmas tree was put up. Mind you, it wasn’t decorated because of a SNAFU (I love that spellcheck doesn’t underline that word). It’s weird how you when you unplug the Christmas tree in January all the twinkly lights are shining happily. Yet, when you plug it back in in December half of them burned out. WTH? How do they burn out when they’re not plugged in? I have one guess.

The elves did it.

You see, we have two mischievous elves who LOVE Christmas lights. They return to our house with joy and excitement every year when they see our lights beckoning them. So if you’re looking for elf ideas or just a simple reminder to move them (right Anxious Mom?) you’ll find that here. As I did last December, I’ll have my regular post plus an Elf update. I already have a few idea for Woody and Elfis. Crash found them at 5:45 this morning. Bang woke at 6:30 and came bounding down the stairs to find them. To be honest, I’m as excited as the boys to see these two back in action.

The magic is working.


Elfis in the penguin cup because Bang stuffie at night is a penguin. Woody is in a Moose cup because he has an uncle who has called him “MOOOOOOSE” since he was born.