Why I Cook Two Meals


The only time in my life that I dieted was in high school between the months of November and March. That was wrestling season. After high school, I continued to eat healthy and I still do.


But I’ve never dieted again. I’ve never needed to watch my weight. As DW likes to say, “He eats the food and I gain the weight.” I’ve always understood dieting to mean weightloss. You go on a diet because you want to lose some weight, be healthy, avoid a heart attack or diabetes or something else that might run in your family. As I got older, I’ve come to understand that the word diet is a misnomer. It should be called a dietary lifestyle change, or waist recycling, or better nakeding.

Becuase we ALL want to look good naked.

How many diets over the years have been tried? How many of them have you tried? How many of them have failed? Previously, the 21 Day Fix (minus the workouts) entered our house. It worked for a bit. DW managed to lose 15 pounds. However, after 3 months it became the same foods over and over.


Then DW’s cousin told her about this diet her own doctor, a metabolic specialist, had her undertake. The ketogenic (keto for short) diet. Once we understand that it’s not fat that makes us fat, the diet makes more sense. Sugar makes us fat and our bodies treat sugar and carbohydrates the same way. The keto diet is low carb/sugar, moderate levels of protein, and high in fats.

She went on this thing called “cold turkey” and quit the carbs and sugars over night. She switched to 85-90% chocolate as her treat. We found and make treats that use this stuff called erythritol – a sweetener that doesn’t spike blood sugar levels.

So now I cook two meals at supper time. Though, technically, I really only cook one meal. I just do it two different ways. If I make meatloaf, I’ll make two. One normal one and one that doesn’t have ketchup and brown sugar and bread crumbs. It has other tasty stuff. Don’t worry, if I’m cooking it, it will be good enough to eat. When I make spaghetti I also make spaghetti squash for DW. We go through a ton of cauliflower. Most recipes can be “ketofied”. And ketofy it I do. Pizza (fatheat pizza crust). Brownies. Pie. Bread (a.k.a. cloud bread). I save the bacon fat and cook with that, too.

We were also walking after school while the boys were ice skating.

She’s had bloodwork done twice now. After five months her good cholesterol is going up. Her bad cholesterol is going down. She is now down nearly 32 pounds.

She looks great naked, too.