Here I Go Again

My brother left the hotel at 3:40 this morning for his flight to Atlanta to Detroit to South Korea. All thought it’s a 16 hour flight, because of the time change he’ll get in 36 hours later than he started. He’s 13 hours ahead of our parents and 12 hours ahead of us.

Now it’s my turn. I’m on my flight to Atlanta (technically, this will get posted when get into the Atlanta airport). Unfortunately, my brother will be taking off from Atlanta at the same time I’m landing, so I won’t get to meet up with him like I did on my trip down. I’ll have a 3 hour and 45 minute layover there before flying to NY where I have a 3 hour layover before flying to Halifax.

It was an awesome trip. I tried to document some of it: the 6 legs on the trip down, the baseball game, the trip to Florida, my grandmother’s service.

I was home with my parents and now I’m heading home to my wife and kids. It was tough hugging my parents good bye. Just as it was tough kissing Crash and Bang and DW goodnight before coming. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make a trip down with the kids this summer. I really would like to see more family and give Crash and Bang a chance to see their cousins. Crash was only 3 the last time he went (he’s turning 8 soon). Bang hasn’t been to the States, yet.

Thank God for technology to help us keep in touch! Facebook. Skype. Google Hangouts. We make the most of them!


Leg 3


Well, here I am on leg 3. I completely forgot about the time change and I panicked. My flight landed at 8 and my connection was departing at 8. I asked the stewardess if I would make my connection and she said “Yes, you have an hour.” Ooops. Crisis averted. However, we then had to wait and wait for another plane to leave our gate before we could taxi to it and finally disembark. I was off the plane and trying to get internet to let DW know I was here and heading to leg 3 safely. No luck because at this stupid airport you have to pay for wi-fi. They did have courtesy iPads so I was able to send off a quick email before being hearded on to my next plane.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get to talk to anyone or say hi to Crash before he went to school. I was really hoping for that. I’ll have a 3 hour layover at my next leg. They just told us our  plane weighs about 180,000 pounds! Anyway, hopefully with a long layover I’ll be able to call or video chat. Oh my God! The leg room is incredible! There must be a solid four feet in front of me.

This is going to be awesome! It’s a 2 hour flight so I’m going to watch a movie. Man of Steel or Noah? Up up and away!

The First Airport (Leg 2)


Well, I wasn’t going to write about this, but I feel I need to. I am embarking on 3 airport journey. I have kissed my monkeys good night and I am now at the nearly empty airport to catch a few Zzzs. It’s one am. We live two and a half hours from the airport, hence the reason I’m here so early. My gracious brother-in-law rode here with me so he could drive our car back home. He’ll get back at 3 am.

My flight is at 6am. Five legs of this journey and I now have one down. My final destination of these next four legs will be my parents house. I haven’t been there in 5 years. The exciting part will be leg 3. That’s where I meet my brother who I haven’t seen in 5 years. We’ll make leg 4 together on the same flight before meeting our parents and driving the last leg.

For reasons I won’t share here, this trip has some heavily mixed emotions. First, there is the cause of the trip. My mom and her family need support and my brother and I are sure to be there to help provide it. There is also the leaving DW, Crash, and Bang for a week. I haven’t been away from them for that long ever (with the exception of DW and I being apart for 8 months while going through immigration when we were married nearly 10 years ago). I know my monkeys will be okay, but I’ll still miss them.

On the flip side, I’m going “home” for the first time in 5 years. I’ll see family I haven’t seen for 5 or 25 years.

So, you see, I’m being tugged in two directions. And I guess the best I can do is document this 3,000 mile journey by planes and cars and share it with everyone.

It is now 1:54 am and I have a prime bench to catch a nap with my bags still attached to me. Also, I am sorta giddy to get my hands on my brother’s Fival the rat Mouse stuffie!


Photo by Deviant Art

J is for…

JJourney. If you’ve read my post the last couple days, you know we’ve been on a journey of sorts. It wasn’t one of a thousand miles. Not even a thousand kilometers. Just 393 from start to finish and covered the span of three days.

I was thinking of our journey on the two hour drive home and was originally planning to summarize our journey to the hotel, two night stay and journey home. Then I realized, this wasn’t just one journey.
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Daddy and Running

I’m a runner. I love it. Whether I go for 4 mile “short” run or a 14 mile “long” run, I love it. So I guess it was inevitable that running would eventually make an appearance on my dad blog. I started running for the sake of running (instead of running to get in shape for another sport, i.e. soccer or wrestling) about six years ago.  A friend of mine, who had always refused to go running with me in university, asked me if I wanted to run a six hour relay race with him. That was my first competition – a little over a year after our first son was born. I’ve pretty much been running since.

Of course, on all my runs I’m thinking. Sometimes it’s about the weather. Sometimes it’s about my training plan. It’s often about food. Occasionally, it’s about the family.  So exactly how is running is like being a dad?

You get out of it what you put into it. 
The old garbage in garbage theory doesn’t exactly apply to running. There are no garbage miles. A mile is a mile and still trumps sitting on your butt. However, if you don’t train properly, don’t eat properly or don’t drink properly you might as well stay home. Just like the kids you have to spend time with, if you don’t utilize your time properly who knows what kind of monster you can create! In running I mix it up. Sometimes run slow, sometimes I run fast. Sometimes I run slow then run fast then run slow again. But that’s just so I can say I ran a fartlek. And bonus! It has the word fart in it! No, farts are not funny. They’re hilarious! Sorry, back on track. I mix up my running routines to keep it interesting and to make myself a better runner. I mix up the things I do as a dad for the same reasons- to keep things interesting and make myself a better dad. Sometime we play educational games. Sometimes we play our own made up games. Sometimes we play a new sport or find a new way to practice handwriting or addition. Sometimes it’s a new intervention to stop the sibling rivalry. Sometimes I go and hide and eat chocolate chips right out of the bag.

It’s about the journey, not the destination
How many years has Usain Bolt spent training for a race that’s over in less than ten seconds? I’m no Usain but I still spend FAR more time training than I do racing. My goal this year is run 1,000 miles. If I’m lucky 19 of those miles will be races (a half marathon-13.1 miles and local 10k). So I’m on a journey to get into the shape I want to be in to run the races I’d like to run. Being a dad is about that same journey. A journey of discovery, wonder, frustration… Except for traveling. When traveling with kids it’s ALWAYS about the destination. Often, the sooner you get there the better chance the kids have of surviving the trip.

It makes you feel good/proud.
An overwhelming feeling of pride swells inside me when I hear my 3 year old count to 15 without skipping 7 and rearranging a few other numbers. I feel the same pride hearing my 2nd grader read 4th grade books. I feel the same pride when I log a 7:07 minute mile pace for a 10k run. The 3 year old has ALOT of numbers left learn and the 2nd grader has ALOT harder books to learn to read and I still have ALOT of seconds to knock off my min/mile pace. But the pride and joy keeps me motivated enough (usually) to keep at. None of the above happens over night. But like I just said, it’s about the journey.

It can be done in groups or alone.
There’s no better way to get fun things to teach your kids like talking to other dads. There are different methods that result in the outcomes. There are as many kinds runners as there are kinds of dads. Each is their own individual. Some runners go slow and some go fast. Some runners only run on trails and some only run the roads. Some runners run really far and some runners don’t. Some dads are workaholics. Some dads stay home. Some dads are really creative and some are really handy and some are loud and some are quiet. No matter how you run or whatever reason you run, you reap the benefits of running. No matter what kind of dad you are you are still raising future’s adults. Keep on running. Keep on dadding.