The Write Impression: Hauraches

This post is in response to Izzy’s  Literary impressions

For those who know me, I’m an avid runner. More avid some days than others. I injured my IT band (it connects your hip to your knee) after a half marathon about four years ago. Every time I would run, whether it was 1 mile or 12, I would barely be able to walk for hours. So I took some time off to let it heal. After a year of “letting it heal” I began reading Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run. Continue reading

Izzy May I: The Write Shot in the Foot

In response to Izzy’s “May I Write

I should title this “Izzy, may I change the topic ever so slightly?”

So I don’t really have advice for writers. How could I tell others how to do what I can’t? Well, I can write, obviously. But I only blog and I’ve only been doing that for a couple months now. However, I am a parent. I’d say I’m a  pretty darn good one, too, if I say so myself. So here’s my advice to parents. Continue reading

Izzy May I: The Write Snack Attack

In response to Izzy-grabs-life Snack Attack.

I love to cook. More importantly, I love to cook comfort food. Stew and dumplings (though the two time I’ve made dumplings they closely resembled hockey pucks). Chicken casseroles. Slow cooker meals. But sometimes (maybe a lot of times) I get hungry between meals or I want something to eat while watching TV or a movie with DW. That’s when I reach for the snacks. Continue reading