The Daily Elf: December 9th

A conversation happened at bedtime, as they normally do. It was our normal nightly ritual of saying good night. Then I tossed in one more line…

Me: Night night, love you.
Bang: Night night, love you.
Me: Ugga mugga, see ya in the morning
Bang: Ugga mugga, see ya in the morning
Me: Like your face
Bang: Like your face
Me: You’re the best person ever
Bang: You’re the best person ever *normally this would be the last line except I added…
Me: Like your butt.
Bang: *giggles* like your butt even though it’s not chubby. And it’s hairy.

Anyway, our elves found the candy cane with fudge crackle ice cream. I knew it was just a matter of time. That stuff is good. Fortunately, they left some for the boys.

The Daily Elf: December 8th

I don’t know about you, but we have an overly creative 6 year old. His imagination runs as wild and free as the tree top monkeys. Lately, he’s been into crafts. His latest obsession is tape. I call him Sir TapesAlot. In Walmart last week I spotted a pack of 4 rolls of Scotch tape and asked “Hey, you want this for Christmas?” His eyes lit up and he very excitedly exclaimed “YES!”.

Guess what he’s getting for Christmas?

Anyway, our walls are decked out and now our kitchen window is, too. He drew and colored a pair of dragons and some “elf seats” to tape to the window for them. I think he did it so he wouldn’t have to go looking for them. It worked…

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The Daily Elf: Dec. 7th

If you saw yesterday’s Daily Elf you’ll realize that by today’s posting our elves got the much needed help from our neighbor’s elves, NoMo and Buddy. When your elves are touched you do what you gotta do to help them.

Today, they were on the mend. They didn’t venture too far. They, quite literally, just hung out today. Our stockings are not hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there. They’re hung on a bookshelf full of photo albums. Close enough, right?

They still had a bit of mischief in them though. They thought it quite funny to show us a Full Elf Moon…

The Daily Elf: December 6th

What a day the poor elves had. They thought they’d be cute and hang out on the wreath that’s on the front door.

Unfortunately, the wreath hangs on the outside of the door. I suppose in hindsight, we should have used the side door to leave for school.

But we didn’t.

As we were leaving through the Elf Door they let go. Apparently, they weren’t hanging on very tight. The next thing we knew they were laying on the porch in the rain. DW did what I would have done and got their fuzzy butts off the porch and back inside where it’s dry. Unfortunately, the kids who can’t see the mess surrounding them saw DW touch the elves. Anyone who knows the story of the Elf knows they aren’t to be touched or they lose their Christmas magic and can’t get back to the North Pole.

After school we found the elves snuggled up. It was clear they were not feeling good.

Fortunately, our neighbor (the one Bang is going to marry in April) and her siblings have two elves, as well. After school, Bang got busy writing a letter NoMo and Buddy next door. The hope is that they can help Woody and Elfis make it back to Santa this evening. Christmas magic is pretty strong around here, so we’re very hopeful.

The Daily Elf: December 5th

There wasn’t too much trouble today. Elves don’t mind the cold. We have found them in the fridge before. They enjoy drinking the maple syrup. Today it wasn’t syrup.

It was a Coke Cola. The bottle was full when they were found this morning. I’m not entirely sure it was their Coke. It didn’t have their name on it. It was Boss Man’s Coke! I hope they don’t get into too much trouble.

The Daily Elf: Dec. 4th

The excitement was palpable this morning. Bang found the elves and he loved what he saw. Woody was atop our printer while Elfis was sandwiched in the scanner. Woody was making copies of him. Bang then took the copy to school to show his teacher and classmates.

Later, while the boys were at school, the elves moved. It was Elfis’s turn to copy and he chose to copy Woody’s hat. I’m just glad they chose NOT to sit on it and make copies of their elf butts…

The Daily Elf: Dec. 3

Again, they’re hanging around. Today they chose the kitchen. Probably because that’s where the food is. I don’t blame them. The kitchen is a good place to be (unless I’m cleaning it, then I hate to be in there). They chose a nice high vantage point to watch from, too. They could see everything from up there. Me. Mom. The boys. Dust. Grease….

Elf 3

The Daily Elf: Dec. 2


DW’s phone takes better quality pictures by far. So I just use her phone then Bluetooth it to my phone. Ahhh technology these days is superb. Wonder what technology will look like in the next 20 or 50 years…

Woody is a big fan of the star. It’s his favorite shape. Even more so when they sparkle and glitter and shine so bright. Elfis’s favorite color is red. Woody would rather be in jeans. If you remember this morning’s photo, you’ll know that they watched us set up our Christmas tree last night. Apparently, they love our “memories” tree. It’s so full of days gone bye. First Christmases. So many crafts made through the years in school. So many ornaments collected at various stages our lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can keep your perfectly symmetrical, each ornament in it’s place, fancypants tree. I like them, but they’re not for us. That 18 meters of red stuff is as fancypants as we get.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish up my 10 second tidy before some friends come over…

Elves Magic Explore Quote Terry Brooks

One of my favorite authors…

The Daily Elf: Dec. 1

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night…. Whatever time of the day it is, may it be good.

Better yet, make it great!

Our elves, Woody and Elfis returned yesterday while we were at school. They brought with them a couple advent calendars for the boys. They were easy to find, though they weren’t noticed right away. But once they were…

Excitement overflowed.

Here they be in all their magical glory on their first day.


There will be a second posting this evening showing where they are today, then I’ll be all caught and there will only be one Daily Elf a day.

There will be a third post today, too. Since I didn’t get around to answer the boys questions yesterday, I’d like to do it today.

You love or hate these little elves?

One Year with A GoPro


Lights. Camera. Action!

I finally got another video uploaded. Since you’re here to read instead of watch a YouTube I’ll tell you about it.

Last August I received a GoPro for my birthday from my brother and his family and our parents. They went splitsies on it and surprised me. Over the past year I have, of course, been using it. I wasn’t content to simply use it to video action shots and underwater, though. I know that’s GoPro’s main attraction and it does it well.

I wanted more.

I learned that birds aren’t camera shy. I set the camera on the bird feeder stand and got great shots of the finches feeding. I set the camera on a tripod just a few feet from the bird bath that we converted to a bird feeder. Though it was for bigger birds – blue jays, crows, stupid pigeons, and the occasional grackle. We put peanuts in it.  They loved the peanuts and we loved watching them pick the nuts from the shell. The camera got them loud and clear while we were inside not scaring the birds.

I learned that I can use it to spy on my kids. I set the camera up, slightly hidden, in the bathroom. I would then wi-fi connect to it on my phone and DW and I could easily watch the boys “get ready for bed”. Here “get ready for bed” means wrestle, play in the water in the sink, scare the shit out of each other, and generally not “get ready for bed”. They never did figure out how we knew what they were doing without being up there.

I learned that it’s good for all 4 seasons. In the summer we take it pools and the beach and bike riding and roller blading and kayaking. In the fall it’s good for all that except the pool and beach, but it’s good for hiking then. Come winter it’s good for sledding and ice skating. In the spring we’re back to biking and blading and trampolining.

It’s also good if you just want to talk to your camera viewers. I still find it a bit weird to do, but if you see the video you’ll see that I do talk to it sometimes.

Anyway, the show goes from 40th birthday party to my 41st birthday party. I had to take a break after the clip of my birthday last year. DW’s dad is there and his arms are just a waving, conducting our severely out of tune, yet strongly heartfelt tune of Happy Birthday. I had to leave the video editing until the next day.

I’m still toying with the idea of a “sister sight” on YouTube to accompany my blog. Essentially, I would just be covering the same material only I would do it for others to watch instead of read. But really… where would I find the time to both blog and YouTube? Not like I have anything else to do…