The Icers or How to Make A Royal Mess

Sugar cookies can be as much fun to make as they are to decorate. If you don’t like messes you might want to stop here. I don’t want to cause any aneurysms. I had the buttercream icing the right consistency. It tasted like I could devour the whole bag. Then I added the food coloring. The consistency went out the front door that one of the boys refuses to close upon entering or exiting the house.


It just made it messier. The boys thought it was amazing. All the swirling colors leaking and slipping from the  bag like they just couldn’t wait to land on a cookie. Much like the itchy bellies aching to steal a cookie.

Slipping off the cookie.
Slurped off fingers.
Sugar cookie mess!


If this is what the cookies look like you can imagine their hands looking like a Monet


The Bakeries

Crash spent the night at Nanny and Pop’s house last night. So what did Bang I and I do while Mom was out shopping?

We made sugar cookie dough, of course.

Then we watched Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

He lost interest when the funny parts were over. He didn’t care for the singing and the true meaning of Christmas. Bah humbug…

Anyway, we made the dough, put it in the fridge to chill, watched the Grinch, then went to bed. This morning after breakfast, we checked the dough. Sure enough, it was chilled.


But not this chilled. (Thanks Nat Geo)

This morning the wind was howling. It was definitely cold. This is Canadaland, after all. And it’s snowing. C’mon Bang, lets finish those cookies!


“We are good of bakeries,” he told his mother. We’re not bakers when we’re cooking. We’re bakeries. Yesterday, he worn an apron. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him. He didn’t need it this morning to cut out the cookies.

After making some normal sized cookies, he wanted to make the tiny ones. Give’r buddy. If he messed it up I’d just roll it flat and start over. Just like Play Doh. He placed and pushed them carefully and there were no mess ups!  Probably because Woody was watching carefully. Elfis’s hangover got the better of him and he has keeled over.

Now to make the buttercream icing…

Mmmmm cookies…

If you want my sugar cookie recipe, I stole it from Georgie Bowers.

And if you want my buttercream recipe, I stole it from Karlynn Johnston (aka The Kitchen Magpie).

Side note: If you missed yesterday’s Saturday Share, head over there now and share a link. 


Carefully adding his favorite color


Our finished product. Good enough to eat!