Honour and Pride

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. Tomorrow is the day we give thanks to all our veterans who served and those who are serving in our military, especially those who died during wartime, those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Our boys’ school does a nice, little ceremony celebrating and honouring those veterans. The entire school gathers in the gymnasium. Veterans are paraded in carrying the flags and led by a piper. If you’ve never heard the bagpipes ringing off gymnasium walls you are missing out. Students give speeches thanking the veterans. They lay a wreath adorned with poppies. They recite “In Flanders Fields“. The choir sings and the band plays.

What makes me proud is that both of our boys had a part to play in honouring service members. Crash is in the choir. He stood on the risers singing proudly. He sang for the veterans who were there. He sang for the veterans who couldn’t be there. He sang for all those who gathered. Bang assisted in carrying the wreath decorated with poppies, the symbol for all those who passed in service to our country, to the front. An 8th grader walked with him so there was a student from the youngest and a student from oldest grade in school representing the entire school.

As much as they can frustrate us, they also make us proud.


Lest We Forget


We shall not forget those who went before us. We shall not forget those who died so we could be here today. We shall not forget those who fought for our freedoms on foreign soil.

Today we will join many others at the Cenotaph for the Remembrance Day ceremony. We will honor those who fought, we will remember those who died. Fathers. Mothers. Brothers. Sisters. Aunts. Uncles. Cousins. Friends. They faced dangers most of us will never understand. They faced those dangers so we wouldn’t have to. They faced those dangers to protect what we all believe in. That one day, wars will not be necessary. We shall carry them upon our shoulders proclaiming their bravery. Proclaiming their sacrifice. We shall carry them in our hearts proclaiming their courage. Proclaiming their memory.

Cancer Can Kiss My Ass

relay for lifeToday our Relay for Life take place. DW has her Team SugarBear, Crash is on the all kids team, Magnificent Monkeys while Bang and I are there for support. It begins at noon and runs until midnight. Bang and I will get take part in most of it. We’ll be there until bedtime. DW has raised over $200. It’s not the $1,700 she raised when she shaved her head, but it’s still good. Crash bagged groceries at the SuperStore with some other Monkeys for donations. He participated in a fundraiser selling flower bulbs. Plus he raised over $100 in donations besides.

We will soon be off to support the survivors, including DW’s dad , step-mom, a cousin, along with some aunts and uncles. We’re also there to pay homage to those who have laid down their torch, including my grandfather and great-aunt and uncle and DW’s aunt. I might compile a more complete, specific list later. As for now, we’re off to walk the track!