The Daily Elf

They were pretty calm today. It must have been a cold flight back from the North Pole this morning. They huddled together behind the coffee maker drinking hot chocolate. Maybe it had a shot of Bailey’s in it? I bet elves love Irish Hot Chocolate.


Do they look inebriated to you?


The Daily Elf

Thank God there was no mischief today. I just now got the toilet paper out of the living room and off the Christmas tree. Today they were pretty calm and quiet hiding in the china teapots way on top of the cupboards. They did move today, though.

We bought a new vacuum and once they found out there was bubble wrap they couldn’t wait to get their non-fingered little hands on it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a photo of them playing with that bubble wrap.



The Daily Elf

I know these poor guys and gals get a bad rap for being creepy. They certainly don’t help the situation when they hide in places like this, though.

All day long…

Every time I had to go…

I sure hope they weren’t taking notes…

Or pictures…

Poor things are probably scarred for life…

Regretting they hid here. Bet they never do that again!


Yes. This is our bathroom.