Christmas Around the World

Since joining WordPress, I have connected with people from around the world. It’s incredible to read about Christmas in Australia where it’s summer time and they go to the beach and it’s light until 9:30pm. Oh, and it’s hot.

Obviously, it’s cold here in the northern hemisphere. Here in Canada, it’s cold for a long, long time. And it gets dark at 4:30.

This causes Christmas traditions to be vastly different. We typically decorate our houses in festive colors and decorative lights. We put up Christmas trees – some use real tress, some use fake ones. We decorate them with lights, bulbs, and ornaments bought and ornaments homemade. Some add garland or tinsel or candy canes. I’ve seen strings of popcorn and cranberries.

Carolers will walk through town spreading Christmas spirit and good cheer with their songs.

Some go to a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

There are so many different traditions around the world. Please share some (in the comment section) that you practice in your corner of the Earth.