Puzzle Sunday

Sundays were made for lazing around, catching up, and possibly wasting a bit of time. If you’re looking for the former and the latter, I’m here to help. Thanks to StumbleUpon, I’ve found two “games” that are slightly addictive. Their addiction comes in the form of simplicity. Take a look and have some fun. Just try not to play all day.

http://gameaboutsquares.com/ – This game is exactly what it’s URL says it is – all about squres. Simple objective; move each colored square to its corresponding circle. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. I’m on level 20. How far can you get?

http://2048game.com/ – This game simply requires you to to shift numbered tiles up, down, left, and right. As tiles shift, like numbers combine and increase in value. The objective to combine tiles until one of them totals 2,048. Good and I hope you don’t strain your brain!

Party Game! Come Join the fun!

This is an easy game…

I’ll give you 2 words. All you have to do is change one. Scroll all the way down to see what the newest word is, change a word and leave your answer in the comments. And be sure to share so we can get as many words as possible!

Here’s an example:

Hot Dog
Hot summer
hot lips
lip stick

Lets see where this takes us!

I’ll start us off with the words

Swimming Pool