Sunday Share: Week 24

We relayed all day yesterday. Relayed for Life. Our town used to host a Relay for Life. However, last year they opted not because of a lack of support. So “Ray Ray’s Sugarbears” made this their final year for Relay. Their dad put the bug in their ear last fall about taking part in one nearby since our town wasn’t holding one. When he passed in February DW and her brother vowed to make it their best one yet.

They set ambitious fundraising goals. DW wanted to raise $2,000. Her brother, $15,000. Not only did they reach their $17,000 wish, they blew it out of the sky.

They were the top fundraising team with $22,500.

The goal for the town’s Relay was $20,000. They raised $50,000.


Left: DW’s Brother, an Aunt, Nanny, an Aunt, DW, an Uncle Front: Crash, cousin, cousin, Bang

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#AtoZChallenge: R is for…



is for Relay. It’s also for Ride.

Relay for Life was always one of DW’s Dad’s favorites.  He always attended, always ate at the survivors’ supper, always walked his survivors’ lap. Family would come from a hundred miles away to take part in it with him. Some of them are cancer survivors themselves. So many in DW’s family walk that survivor lap in their yellow shirt on the day Relay for Life takes place. Her dad survived lung cancer. Her step-mom survived colon cancer.  I’m learning, there are some within my side of the family who could have walked that lap, too.

The day after the event he would put on a big shindig (party) and BBQ for everyone. People would come by the dozens.

Our town stopped holding the event so he missed out on it the past two years.

This year, he wanted to join the even in another town and it was going to be his last Relay. His last big support for the cancer research fundraiser since this would be his 10th year cancer free. DW had just finished setting up her own fundraiser page. Then she got a phone call…

This year, our Relay will be in memory of him. DW has raised $1,075 of her goal of $2,000. Please, if you can, click on the link above and donate. Whether you can give $5 or $5,000, every little bit counts.


is also for Ride for Roswell.

For eight years my younger brother has been participating in this bike ride fundraiser ranging from 14 to 44 miles. Our dad and his father-in-law take part, as well. Roswell Park Cancer Institute is located in Buffalo, NY, home of Niagara Falls and my sister-in-law. It is known for its cutting edge research on cancers.  This year, he rides for all who have been effected by cancer. Thus far, he has raised $704 of his goal of $1,000. Please, if you can, visit his page and donate here. There’s no telling how many lives you may change.


Brother on the left, Dad on the right, Brother’s F-I-L in the middle

I guess, ultimately, R is for relatives relaying and riding for research.

The Roswell Ride

Imagine your little one, not even a year old yet, diagnosed with cancer. Retinoblastoma to be precise, a cancer of the eye. The only cure is remove the eye.

That is only the beginning of Melina’s story. Melina is who my brother rides in honor of this year.

Ride for Roswell is a bike ride ranging from 3 miles to 100. My br4rrother, his father-in-law, and our dad will be riding 44 for the seventh straight year. Part of their route will take them into Canada. For a few minutes we’ll be in the same country at the same time. However, more importantly, their ride is part of a fundraiser for Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

My brother’s goal is to raise $1,000 for this cause. The money raised will be used in researching the sciences in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Like shrinking lung cancer tumors with Vitamin D. Or researching a vaccine for glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor.  Or toward enhancing the treatments and therapies already in practice. Science in its purest form.

Cancer has touched us all in some way, shape or form. Perhaps you are a survivor. You know a survivor. You know someone fighting the battle right now. Or perhaps, sadly, you lost someone to cancer. We all understand the support that is required to beat it. Lets work together to kick cancer’s ass.

Please visit my brother’s page – Bradley Wood’s Fundraising Page. There you can read the rest of Melina’s story. Also, if you can spare a few dollars, help him reach his goal. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

There is also a link in my sidebar to the right that will remain there until the ride in June. Help me help him spread the word and share any way you please.

My brother and Melina thank you.


Brad (my brother) Bob (the father-in-law) Michael (our Dad)