The Daily Elf

Crash had a sleepover at Nanny and Pop’s house last night. Bang was really upset because he wanted to go. Big brother gets to go frequently. The elves, being as kind-hearted as they are, decided they would try for a sleepover in Bang’s bed. This definitely cheered him up. Though he knew Woody and Elfis couldn’t do that. If they got touched they’d lose their magic. So Mom carefully picked them in up (technically, she picked up the stocking they were snuggled in) and moved them to Crash’s bed for the night. When we woke we found them snuggled together. Woody hugged Elfis and Elfis hugged one of Crash’s stuffies and they were all snuggled in bed.

Later in the day they moved their stocking to Bang’s bedroom door. Bang nearly caught them, too! They had to dive back into their hiding place and nearly didn’t make it time! The excited squeal of a 5 year old echoed through the house…


Here I Go Again

My brother left the hotel at 3:40 this morning for his flight to Atlanta to Detroit to South Korea. All thought it’s a 16 hour flight, because of the time change he’ll get in 36 hours later than he started. He’s 13 hours ahead of our parents and 12 hours ahead of us.

Now it’s my turn. I’m on my flight to Atlanta (technically, this will get posted when get into the Atlanta airport). Unfortunately, my brother will be taking off from Atlanta at the same time I’m landing, so I won’t get to meet up with him like I did on my trip down. I’ll have a 3 hour and 45 minute layover there before flying to NY where I have a 3 hour layover before flying to Halifax.

It was an awesome trip. I tried to document some of it: the 6 legs on the trip down, the baseball game, the trip to Florida, my grandmother’s service.

I was home with my parents and now I’m heading home to my wife and kids. It was tough hugging my parents good bye. Just as it was tough kissing Crash and Bang and DW goodnight before coming. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make a trip down with the kids this summer. I really would like to see more family and give Crash and Bang a chance to see their cousins. Crash was only 3 the last time he went (he’s turning 8 soon). Bang hasn’t been to the States, yet.

Thank God for technology to help us keep in touch! Facebook. Skype. Google Hangouts. We make the most of them!