K is for… #AtoZChallenge


Karma… the boys have already had the mom curse sworn upon them. One day they will have kids who behave just like them. Of course, this means I get grandkids who behave just like my kids are right now. Guess who’s not babysitting!

Kidding… I’ll teach them all kinds of fun Grampa stuff. Chocolate cake for breakfast. Flipping their parents the bird behind their back. Good practical jokes.

But this is Thursday and Thursdays are for questions. We haven’t answered any questions for a couple weeks. The boys were asking about them last night, too.

Today, K is for the knowledge we obtain by questioning our wee ones. Click here if you want to read their original answers. Some are strangely similar.

1. What might aliens from outer space look like?

Crash: Bald with big green eyes, anywhere from 2 to 7 feet tall
Bang: LORL they look like the Toy Story aliens
DW: I’m sure they look nothing like TV makes them out to be

2. If you could build anything in the backyard, what would you build?

Crash: Treehouse that has electricity so we can play video games and have lights because it’s a huge treehouse
Bang: A big box with speakers in it so you can play Temperature by Sean Paul
DW: A pool

3. If you had to leave the house in an emergency, what 3 things would you take?

Crash: Monkey, Alexa, and all my clothes
Bang: Penguin, obviously my bed, and food
DW: My pendant, the external hard drive, and nevermind the rest because I don’t like this question

4. What’s the best thing about growing up?

Crash: You get to live in your own house and you get unlimited screen time
Bang: You get paid for your job!
DW: Staying up late

5. What word makes you laugh?

Crash: supercalifragilisticexialidocious
Bang: *insert eye roll* Things make me laugh, not words
DW: You make me laugh

6. We just bought a droid. What should we name it?

Crash: RECT (it’s all of our initials)
Bang: Elticoe
DW: Jeeves

7. What would you do if you were Dad?

Crash: Play on my tablet all day and make mom do the chores
Bang: Eat all my kids candy
DW: I’d nap on the couch and play with myself

8. What would you do if you were mom?

Crash: Get an awesome job that would make us rich
Bang: Snuggle with my kids and have a belly fart (blow raspberries on bellies) contest to see who could make the loudest fart
DW: Same thing I do everyday! Can I be a rich mom, instead and go on vacation?

9. If you could change anything about school, what would you change?

Crash: I would make math class easier
Bang: No writing, no reading, no music and just gym gym gym and play play play
DW: I’d put the focus back where it belongs… on students and teaching

10. Did you have any dreams?

Crash: As a matter of fact, yeah I did. My teacher asked if we had a dream and my friend and I had the exact same dream. This guy who looked like a vampire with hair down to his chest and trees with creepy faces grabbed us. Piper, our parrot, was in it, too.
Bang: Yeah… it was about flying, pooping ponies that go flap flap flap thsthsths (sound effect)
DW: A couple nights ago I had a dream about an eagle…




E is for…



Everything from A to Z. Everything I’ve written about so far and everything I will write about over the next 25 days. It’s about everything I’ve done today and yesterday and the 15,215 days since I was born. It’s about everything I’ll do with the unknown number days I’ll be here, of this Earth.

Right now, though, life is about everything we’ll do for our kids. We house them. We feed them. We educate them. We play with them. We put them to bed. That’s just the routine stuff. It’s the stuff we have to do. It’s in the contract.

It’s about everything we do for our kids that we don’t have to do. We sign them up for sports and music and dance and clubs and lessons and everything. We end up driving all over tarnation to get them where they need to go. It’s daughters doing dad’s nails and makeup. It’s about moms playing dump trucks in the dirt with their sons. It’s about dance parties in the kitchen. It’s about splash parties in the bathtub. It’s about doing what we need to do help our children be happy.

When your six year old son and the neighbor’s nine year old daughter decide they want to get married, you entertain the thought. You giggle when they start planning in November and set a date for April 5th. You roar with laughter when you hear they’re going to get divorced so they can get married again. Then they start assigning roles; a priest, a chef, a flower girl, a waiter. They create a menu of the grooms favorite meal; fish, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and corn. They ask for a wedding cake and cards. In November, it’s all good. It’s all fun and games and you allow them their creativity. Then comes April 5th. They didn’t forget. In fact, they spent the better part of those sixth month preparing. Invites. Place setting. Seating arrangement. Outfits. Decorations. The meal. Dessert. The first dance song.

So you make it happen. Coincidentally, there happens to be no school on their random date choosing six months ago. You take them to find a few things and return with fish, broccoli, pink salmon and green table cloths, a fake flower bouquet for the bride to carry, balloons, makeshift rings, and a cake that says Happy Wedding Day April 5, 2018. You gather the few who were invited and you act out the wedding. Then you cook the fish and mashed potatoes and broccoli and have it served by the gracious big brother. You allow them first dance waltz to Ed Sheeran’s Perfect then cut the cake.

Then you have to burst a bubble when you have to explain to your son that no, his “wife” can’t come live with us. Still… they do look like a very happy couple. It makes everything we do for kids worth everything we can do for them.


Questions I Asked My Kids (ep. 27)

I got the video for this recorded yesterday evening. However, the editing process hasn’t gone as planned. Needless to say I’m a bit frustrated. Oh well.. it is what it is…

But you didn’t come here to hear about my woes. You came here for a smile and a laugh. Without further ado here is your smile and laugh for the day!

1. If you were allowed anything to eat for supper, what would you eat?

Crash: Burgers
Bang:Fish and broccoli
DW: Chocolate

2. Who is your hero?

Crash: You
Bang: Superman
DW: Hubband

3. If you could be any animal, what animal would you want to be?

Crash: Monkey
Bang: Girrafe
DW: a bird

4. If you were to pick your own name, what would you name yourself?

Crash: John
Bang: Kyry
DW: anything but Mom

5. How many kids do you want to have?

Crash: 2 or 3
Bang: 300
DW: Do I have to answer this?

6. What color would you like dad to paint your room?

Crash: Orange, black and white
Bang: Blue
DW: I like it the color it is

7. Can you lick your elbow?

Crash: No I can’t
Bang: No
DW: No and I’m going to try.

8. We just bought a humpback whale, what should we do with it first?

Crash: Ride it while it’s breaching
Bang: take it for a walk in the water
DW: I don’t know

9. What is something Dad always says?

Crash: Get to work, go to bed, pack your backpack, get ready to go
Bang: Go to bed
DW: Luboo

10. What is something mom always says?

Crash: Bad words
Bang: Don’t do that!


Questions I Asked My Kids (episode 23!)

Don’t talk to me. I’m cranky as fff… well, just know that I’m cranky. Last night I asked the boys these 10 questions. For a little fun we recorded their answers on video, too. After they were in bed I took the SD card to my computer, plugged it in and clicked “import videos”. When I opened the folder to edit the two videos together they weren’t there. I checked the SD card and it was empty.


They didn’t import. They deleted! GRRRR!


If you check back here this evening there just may be a video if we can redo it after school.

Anyway, I may be a crankpot this morning, but hopefully you’re not. And even if you are, hopefully these answers will help put a smile on your face.

1 Did you have any dreams?

Crash: Yes. I was skateboarding in the parking lot and zombie shows up out of the bushes. He attacked me and I turned into the Lego Zombie skateboarder
Bang: Yes, but I can’t remember.

2 Where would you like to go camping?

Crash: In the backyard
Bang: North America

3 Where do hummingbirds go for the winter?

Crash: Somewhere it’s warm, like Florida
Bang: In their nest.

4 How do you get to Nana and Pop Pop’s house?

Crash: Take 5 hour drive in a car (*note: it’s actually a 20 hour drive in the truck)
Bang: Go to an airplane station to go on an airplane

5 What’s one thing you wish you could do in school?

Crash: Have a food fight
Bang: Make a mess

6 How much weight can dad lift?

Crash: 130 pounds
Bang: 139 pounds

7 How much weight can you lift?

Crash: 90 at max
Bang: 105 pounds

8 Dad just bought an elephant. What should we do with it?

Crash: Ride it
Bang: Make it jump around in the house

9 What time do you want to go to bed tonight?

Crash: Never!
Bang: 8:39

10 Where do you want to go on vacation?

Crash: The Disney Cruise Ship
Bang: I want to go to the zoo to see penguins.


Please, if you don’t know Kid President, look him up on YouTube. He will seriously make your day great.

Questions I Asked My Kids

1. Did you have any dreams last night?

Crash: I’m pretty sure I did, but I don’t remember them. Ah Yes! I remember now. So I  walking to WalMart again and nobody had tablets or anything. They had X-Boxes. I walk in to get mine and I realize as I get to the X-box that I didn’t bring my money. I teleported home and mom and dad asked, “Where’s your X-Box?” and I tell them I forgot my money. I got my money, teleported back to WalMart and got my X-Box and everyone turned into Minecraft Steve.
Bang:I believe not… wait wait, yes I did.  I was walking to Sobey’s (a grocery store) and I turned my iPad on and then it doesn’t come on and then I press the power again and it doesn’t come and then I press the power again and it doesn’t come on because the power was out.

2. What’s your favorite thing about mom?

Crash: Her snuggles and her reading to me.
Bang: Going to work with her.

3. What’s your favorite thing about dad?

Crash: Going for bike rides and having fun with him.
Bang: Hugging and snuggling

4. Who is God?

Crash: God is a ghost up in Heaven.
Bang: God is sheep that eat grass and flowers and poops wheat. 

5. Dad just won a million dollars. What should he buy first?

Crash: GoPro attachments and the Orioles.
Bang: A tricycle with 6 wheels.

6. Where would be a fun place to take the GoPro?

Crash: Bungie jumping off a cliff
Bang: A United States pool

7. What sport would you want to compete in if you were in the Olympics?

Crash: Basketball or kayaking
Bang: Wrestling or kayaking or soccer. NOT boxing.


8. What is one thing you want to learn how to do?

Crash: Back flips off a ramp on my bike like BMX
Bang: Go 20 speed on the treadmill

9. What is your favorite word?

Crash: Obviously
Bang: Love

10. Besides mom, who is the most beautiful person?

Crash: My girlfriend.
Bang: Crash – I want to marry him


Wasn’t Going to Write Today


I wasn’t going to write today. And really, I’m not writing that much. I didn’t schedule anything ahead of time and while I have plenty of drafts I could have used, I opted not to do anything.

DW is away tonight and won’t be back until tomorrow night. So after supper and before religion class, Crash made his next Lego build video for YouTube. It’s not much a build and he knows that. However, he just wanted to make a video. So a video we made. You can see his race car here.

It only 3 minutes, the length of an average song. While he was recording, Bang disappeared. To the basement! He never goes to the basement by himself without someone making noise. He says it’s too quiet down there. He returned with his own Lego build and wanted to make a video. I’m so glad I let him. So what if he’s only 4. You’ve got to watch this one all the way through. I promise it’ll make you smile.

(Night night babe. See you tomorrow)