Questions I Asked Six Kids

The boys have cousins here to visit this weekend. The same ones they played with last weekend at the campground. They always have a great time together. It’s that kind of fun. We can already see the mischief they’ll create together through their teen years. I’m not sure if I should be proud or worried. 

I’ll list their answers in order of age from oldest to youngest. You know Crash (10) and Bang (6). Added to the mix will be their four cousins. Booski is 11. Crafty is 9. Whim is 7 and Beanie is 5. 

Happy reading! Oh, make sure you’re not eat or drinking. I’m not responsible for food and drink being spit on your electronic device…

1. What two animals would fun to combine?

Booski: Elephant and a cat
Crash: Cat and komodo dragon
Crafty: Panda and a pug
Whim: A squirrel and a koala bear
Bang: Panda bear and a penguin because that would make a giraffe
Beanie: A cat and a chicken

2. What is something Mom says a lot?

Booski: Stop instigating
Crash: The “f” word
Don’t poke the angry bear (telling my sister to stop instigating)
Whim: Go to sleep!
Bang: a-s-s
Beanie: Go to bed!

3. What is something Dad says a lot?

Booski: Yes
Crash: Do math
Crafty: Sure!
Whim: I love you
Bang: Go clean your room
Beanie: He says, “You just ate!”

4. What is something you wish your parents would say more?

Booski: We can go out to dinner tonight
Crash: Yes
That they have the time to play with me
Whim: Yes
Bang: You don’t have to clean anything… No wait. You get tablet time every day!
Beanie: I wish they would say I’m allowed all the candy that I want!

5. What superpower would you like to have?

Booski: Invisiblity
Crash: The ability to hypnotize people
Being able to fly because that would be really cool to see from a birds eye view and touching the clouds would be pretty awesome
Whim: Flying
Bang: Flying
Beanie: To eat alot of candy

6. What is your favorite thing to do in school?

Booski: Art
Crash: Art class 
Whim: Math
Bang: Go to the playroom
Beanie: Play outside

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Booski: Teacher
Crash: Racecar driver
A stay at home mom
Whim: Hockey player for the Pittsburg Penguins even though that’s not my favorite team but they have a really good franchise right now (Boston is my favorite)
Bang: A builder and a maid
Beanie: A vet

8. If you could have animal skin, which animal’s skin would you want to have?

Booski: Elephant
Crash: Cat
A panda’s
Whim: A huskey dog’s fur
Bang: Frog with green skin and red eyes 
Beanie: Cat fur so I could act like a cat and I would have a tail

9. What was your favorite part about your PEI trip?

Booski: I liked going to Cow’s Ice Cream and spending time with family
Crash: Shining waters and Sandspit
Probably going to Sandspit and spending time with you guys
Whim: Sandspit – The Cyclone rollercoaster was my favorite ride there
Bang: The rollercoaster! I liked it a teeny bit which is why I screamed so loud
Beanie: Going to Cow’s Ice Cream

10. Did you have any dreams?

Booski: I don’t really dream or I never remember them 
Crash: Yes. Oh boy. I had a dream we were on a boat and this eagle lands on the front of the boat and he talks to me. I forget what it said, but I was like “got it”. Then he flew away and dove into the water and didn’t come back up. Then I got splashed with water then I woke up.
Mostly I don’t remember them. One Time I dreamt that Voldemort came to my house to kill me. But I hid under my bed even though in real life I don’t fit under my bed.
Whim: Nope…But sometime I dream I hear my brother snoring, but that’s really real.
Bang: No. They’re all secret dreams because I sleep in.
Beanie: I had a dream about flying cats and they were flying to New York to walk around

C is for…


is for cousins. Crash and Bang have 6. I have 9 (I think). We don’t know how many DW has. Her dad was one of 17 and her mom was one of 11. That makes 26 aunts and uncles. This gives her 40+ cousins! Since they are spread out all over Canada she’s still meeting some for the first time.

There’s something special about cousins. Perhaps it’s that we don’t live together like siblings do. Perhaps it’s that we all come from the same, often times dysfunctional, families (there is fun in dysfunctional). We can relate. (HAHA, get it? Cousins relate?) Whenever I think of the times we got together with my aunts and uncles and cousins I think of my brother and cousin. Growing up, they fought worse than siblings. Or at least that’s how I remember it. One of them got wacked between the eyes with a golf club by the other. Unintentionally, of course. But still… Today none of that rivalry exists and they are friends.

Crash and Bang adore their cousins. Four of them live a few hours away while two live in South Korea. Bang and his teacher just sent a Flat Stanley to them to tour around and get some photo ops with them. They only just met in person two years ago when we made our trip down to Maryland for the first time since Bang was born. We’re hoping to make down this summer since we didn’t go last. They had great fun meeting and playing. We get to see the four who live nearby three or four times a year. They have a great time playing. They have even started writing to each other. It started as way to trade Pokemon cards. It has evolved into trading hockey cards, creating word puzzles for each other to solve, and good old fashioned update letters. They quickly learned that it’s exciting to get mail.

Cousins share the same forest in the family trees. Some of our family branches are the same, some are different. All of our branches and leaves and even our roots entangle and overlap, yet we remain our own tree. It’s a different kind of bond than we have with adults or siblings. We come from the same family, but different. We are roughly the same age and because of these two factors, we perceive our extended family through the same lens.

Who better to understand the craziness and eccentricities of our family than a cousin?