Figuring The Risk

Hey there Facebook peeps. This is the last post you’ll see on my wall. From now on all blog posts will go to To all my WordPress peeps, you’ll still find me in the same ole place on WordPress. However, if you’d like to meet on Facebook, feel free to check out that link. 

Taking this step to create a Facebook companion site for my blog got me thinking. Mostly about risks. It got me thinking about all that happens when a risk presents itself. From calculations carefully made or not, to self doubt, to constantly questioning ourselves why… There is no shortage of wondering what we’re doing before a risk is accepted. 

And rightly so.

It’s too risky to take a risk without first giving it thought. My risk was minimal. It’s just Facebook. I paid no money. It only required a few minutes of my time. I seriously doubt it will change my life for better or worse. If no one likes it, I can make it go away. It’ll clear up my personal page to use for personal posts rather than posts I post to The World. 

My risk could involve money. I could pay for Facebook to “boost” my posts so it gets viewed by more people. However, that risk factor makes no cents (get it?) because my blog is free. Driving more traffic to it would triple what I’m making from it now. Triple nothing is still nothing. The financial risk for such an endeavor is too great. I would effectively spend more than I would bring in. My R.O.I. (Return On Investment) would be non-existent. If my blog were my livelihood and actually made money, I could consider it more deeply.

What kept me from undertaking this risk sooner was self doubt. 

What if nobody likes me?
What if it’s a waste of time?
What if it doesn’t work?
What will people think of me? 

Of these, the only one I really took to heart was the third one: What if it doesn’t work? I knew a few people would like me (the page, not me specifically). Perhaps not hundred or thousands, but someone would like the page. A waste of time? I’ll be okay if all I lost was the half hour it took to set it up. What will people think of me? I laughed that one off. Besides family and close friends, I’ve never really cared what others thought of me. What others think of me is none of my business. If you saw the clothes I wore in middle and high school, it would be as clear as the neon I wore. 

I think self doubt is always a big factor in the risks we take. Perhaps we avoid the risk to protect ourselves or to protect others. Perhaps we avoid the risk to avoid feeling that uncomfortable feeling that comes with the unknown. That doubt, that nagging feeling that keeps questioning, Is this the right thing? impedes our progress forward. That doubt can be a positive, though. It does make us stop and think and calculate our risk. We just need to be careful after we stop to think that we don’t forget to get moving again.

Isn’t that so true? Whether it’s business, parenting, or life…