Bubble Wrapping My Babies

As you’ve read in the past, Crash and Bang are little dare devils. They like to climb, jump, bike, swing, hang, and generally test their capabilities. How many stairs can they jump down? How far off the swings can they jump? How high in the tree can he climb? How high on the trampoline can they jump? How fast can they ride on their bikes? Can he ride his snowboard down the slide? Can he ride his bike down the porch steps?

While I allow them to try most things under supervision, there are some I put a stop to. No, you can’t ride down the porch steps. No, you can’t climb on the roof to get whatever you threw up there. No, you can’t jump off the top of the jungle gym.

I was watching T.V. last night and one of the shows I watched (Modern Family – I had never seen it before but it was pretty funny) addressed protecting children from doing dangerous things. At the end, the big revelation was that no matter how much we try to protect our children they are going to get hurt anyway. Sure, we can keep them from physically harming themselves. But that’s where the line is drawn.

One day they may lose a beloved pet. One day they may lose that competition they practiced so hard for. One day they may get their hearts broken by someone who they thought loved them. One day they may not get into that university they really wanted to attend. One day they may not get that job they most desired. One day there won’t be a band aid and kiss to make it feel all better.

Like the rest of us, they will survive the ordeal, hopefully learn from the experience, and then move on. We can be their listening ear, their sounding board, their wise sage. However, in the end, the decision is theirs. Like myself, some of you have little ones who have yet to experience this. Some of you have little ones who may be going through something at the moment. Then some of you have little ones who are actually big ones and have experienced this already (thanks mom and dad!).

I apologize. I don’t mean to be the one who pooped in the punch bowl. It’s just something that occurred to me last night. Or rather, something that was shown to me, albeit in a comical way.

After reading A Momma’s View touching post this morning “To My Baby” I felt compelled to write about this. I’ve written about protecting Crash and Bang plenty of times. I attempt to keep them from doing stupid things a la “Jackass”. But no matter how hard we try, we can’t protect them from everything.

We can try to bubble wrap them. We can try to cushion their fall. We can even try keeping them in Tupperware. But in the end it’s up to them. I just hope I can give them the strength and confidence they will need to successfully move on to bigger and better things with their lives.