Life With A Good Pair of Socks

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So much can be said for a good pair of socks. Like people, they come in so many varieties. All the colors of the world. Short, tall, and every size in between. Some are fuzzy. Some aren’t. Some are thick and some are thin. There are thermal socks to keep you warm and barely there socks to keep you cool. There are even socks with capes.

Anyone who knows me even a little bit, knows I love socks. I’ve never met a pair socks I won’t wear. Stripes or polka dots. Adorned with candy canes or cows. Toe socks that fit like a glove. To me, there is no such thing as an ugly pair of socks.

They are down there tucked into shoes and covered by the legs of jeans and yoga pants minding their own business. They keep us from getting blisters. They sacrifice themselves all in the name of our health. Sometimes they get holes. Sometimes they stink.

Many times they lose their mate in the wash. Poor things with no sole mate. It’s heartbreaking. However, if you enjoy mismatched socks, your socks are never without a mate. There’s someone for everyone.

Sometimes a pair of socks comes into your life and you just know they are going to be in your life for a long time. They are strong socks. They feel good in your hands and even better on your feet. They are like the comfort of a best friend.

If you caught my post last year, Life’s Too Short to Waste Time Matching Socks, you know that I don’t believe in matching socks. A sock company from Sweden found that post and sent me a pair of their socks. They asked me if they could send me socks! For free! (if I wrote about them). The only thing better than socks are free socks.

I must say I was a bit skeptical at first. However, they shipped right away and ten days later I had my first pair of socks from Sockamore. After browsing their colorful website, I was expecting something funky. Especially, since the post they saw had me wearing knee high mismatched socks – one striped, one polka dotted. The socks they sent were of your basic variety. Black with some multi-colored stripes. I can dress them up. I can dress them down. What caught my attention (and DW’s) was the feel of them. They feel well made. I highly doubt I’ll wear through them any time soon. It’s a great way to add a little bit of flair to an outfit. Check out Socamore, they amore socks way amore than me. Pick out a couple pair while you’re there so you can mismatch them. Life’s too short to spend time matching socks.

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An Aversion to Clothes?

Getting Crash dressed in the morning has become an interesting fiasco. He despises dressing nicely. It’s gym pants every day. Even on days he doesn’t have gym. Here’s a snippet of how this morning’s conversation progressed.

Me: Crash, you have have music today. Save the gym pants for a gym day. Put on a pair of jeans.
Crash: (rummaging around in a laundry basket of clean clothes, pulls out a pair of gym pants and puts them on) Dad, I think these pants shrunk.
Me: Let me see them. (He hands them to me) No wonder they don’t fit. They’re a size 5. You’re a size 8! Now go put on jeans.
Crash: UGH!
Me: What’s wrong with Jeans?
Crash: I can run in the them.
Me: But you don’t have gym today.
Crash: On the playground, dad.
Me. You can run fast enough.
Crash: Then I’ll get them muddy and stained.
Me: Since when have you been concerned about getting your clothes muddy stained?
Crash: (stares at me)
Me: And besides, that’s what jeans are made for. They get washed and clean for you get muddy all over again.

He hates jeans. And DW says to me (as she does when their annoying traits come through) “Thanks for passing those genes on.” I’m sure there’s a joke about genes and jeans in there somewhere. Anyway, I was a bit confused. I wear jeans. I don’t have such an aversion to a pair of pants.

Until DW reminded me that I don’t wear brown shoes. My argument is that brown doesn’t match everything. I’m better off with clothes that match everything that way no matter I wear, it matches. It’s better for everyone. Except for my socks. My socks rarely match.

So apparently my brown shoes aversion gene mutated into a jeans aversion gene and got passed on.

Is there an item of clothing you have an aversion to?