Barnaby’s Toothbrush (pt. 2 of 2)

Please, if you missed yesterday’s post click here to read part 1. Yesterday, Jack was separated from his mom in a grocery store. Today, four year old Jack continues his search for his lost mother and rabbit, Barnaby. However, things aren’t quite what they seem as this four year old’s imagination runs wild. What will he have to do to find the safety of mom’s arms?

This time there were no animals, there were no great walls and towers nor were there baskets to be tossed into. It was cold: nearly freezing. For little Jack this could only mean one thing: he had walked all the way to the North Pole. Santa Clause! His last hope rested on his luck in finding Santa because Santa knew everything. Surely He could find Barnaby and his mom. Maybe they were already here. All Jack could think of now was how much he needed to bear the cold and keep going until Santa Clause was found.
He was walking down what looked like an alley, lined with doors and highly decorated. I wonder if it’s always Christmas here? Then a door opened and blast of very cold air hit Jack and he quickly crossed his bare arms to keep them warm. After what seemed like an hour of searching, he found someone. Though he knew right away it wasn’t Santa because this person was a woman. Furthermore, it probably wasn’t Mrs. Clause either because this woman wasn’t dressed in all red like Mrs. Clause always is. But little Jack didn’t know whom else to ask. So he walked up to the woman and gently tugged on her pants. He could tell he had scared her, even though he didn’t mean to, because she jumped and almost screamed. When she regained her composure she looked down at Jack beside her knee and asked, “What’s the matter little one?”
“Have you seen Santa Clause?”
“Have I seen Santa?” the woman repeated.
“Yeah, I can’t find Barnaby and my mom and I think Santa knows where they are.”
The woman knelt down so she was at eye level with Jack. He really liked that because his neck was starting to hurt from looking straight up. “Are you lost?” she asked.
“But you can’t find your mom?”
“Or Barnaby.”
“Who’s Barnaby?”
“He’s, um, he’s Barnaby.”
“Okay, lets go see if we can find them.” Then the woman turned her cart around and began walking. Jack just stood and watched her walk away. He still wanted to find Santa. That’s where Barnaby was. The woman glanced over her shoulder and waved to Jack, motioning him to follow her. As he did, he noticed the coldness going away. Warmth was moving in in its place. Then after a minute more, all was green. Yes! This is where Barnaby would go! He loves green.
He was surrounded by green. He noticed right away that they were all vegetables. This must be the farm. This would be perfect for a rabbit like Barnaby. There was so much lettuce and plenty of carrots, along with all kinds of vegetables that Barnaby’s friends could eat. So Jack went in search of Barnaby, with Barnaby’s blue toothbrush at this farm. And when the woman looked back to make sure Jack was still following, he was gone.
The first place Jack went was to the carrots. He knew Barnaby loved carrots so why shouldn’t he be there? Much to his dismay, Barnaby was not there. He looked in the lettuce patch. Again, there was no Barnaby. Was there a farmer anywhere that may have seen his rabbit? But, there was no one around. Then, off in the distance he heard a small cry, which sounded a lot like his own name. Jack! Jack! It called from somewhere behind him. But where? Jack, Jack! It came again, this time a little bit louder. He turned and walked back towards the carrot patch. Then he saw his mother and she was carrying Barnaby! Her hands were extended with Barnaby gently clutched in them. He ran to her with his arms extended too. When they reached each other, mom knelt down on both knees and handed Barnaby, the floppy eared, dangly legged rabbit, to her little Jack. And Jack hugged him and squeezed him tightly while mom gently hugged Jack. Then mom let go and slowly stood up. “You scared me. You need to stay close to me, okay Jack?”
“Okay mom. I wasn’t scared.” Then he reached up and held out his hand. “I found Barnaby’s toothbrush.”