Music Monday: Three Finger Shot

No. This isn’t a post about alcohol. Though it easily could  be. Drinks taste so much better when these guys play. Beer goggles except in reverse.

It is about a small band of friends who are also friends of ours. DW sort of grew up with the lead singer, Tony. So they go way back…

Their first album entitled Stories From A Small Town was released  April 3rd of this year. I would class them as a Celtic rock band. With class. Stories From A Small Town consists of six songs. Of which, 3 are originals and one is Tony’s from a former band. (I think)

They sound like a Guinness tastes. Delivered with a powerful voice, you can’t deny the talent this band wields. Their Celtic Rock tunes will make you wish you were Irish. They’ll make you want to sing along, even if you can’t carry a tune with two hands and bucket. Yet, on the flip side, they can slow it down and swoon you with songs you swear they’re singing just for you.

Then they hit you like a Three Finger Shot.

Find them on the internet. Find them on Facebook. Download them from iTunes.


Toe Tapping Tuesday

This next song, though just a clip of the end of their performance, should get your toe tapping. Or as Bang says, “My foot’s singing a little bit.”

This group performed at our local, free, outdoor concert this past Sunday evening. It wasn’t raining when it started, but it sure was by the end. They played on. They were that good that most everyone stayed, sitting in the rain, to listen.

The boys and I went to sit in the front row to get some video. Naturally the phone died so I didn’t get any that way. Towards the I remember I could get video with DW’s camera, but I had to be careful because of the rain. I managed to get a clip from the end of their performance. It’s not much, but it will give you a taste of toe tapping tunes we were tantalised by.

Their Celtic stuff was my favorite. However, that’s not all they played. They did some ragtime, some country western, some French and a few other genres.

If you’ve never heard of the Leahys, they are an extremely musical, extremely talented family. The Next Generation Leahys are thereby no different. These home-schooled kids are all brothers and sisters ranging in age from 5-14. They were such a joy to watch. After the show we bought their album and were lucky enough to get all six kids along with Mom and Dad to sign it. You can visit their page at The Next Generation Leahy. It’s 35 seconds that’s sure put a smile on your face and song in your toes! Happy listening!