Shh… It’s Quiet Here

It’s 8:35. It’s dark outside and has been for an hour and half. I’ve sat down at my computer no less than ten times today. I have two ideas for really neat posts, but they take time. The work is in progress. I had nothing for today. Every time I would sit and try to write I would 

  • read other blogs instead
  • wash dishes
  • paint the hallway
  • walk to the grocery store for peanuts for the crows and blue jays (and damn pigeons and a seagull) (more on that later)
  • go for a 5 mile run
  • email my parents (thanks ma and pa for writing back!)

So anyway.. about those peanuts… Remember that video I posted of the finches? I hung my GoPro from the bird feeder. It turned out pretty neat. I was impressed anyway. Check it out here if you’re curious. Today I walked to the grocery store for a bag of peanuts, the kind still in the shell. We like to feed the crows and blue jays. But I had alternative motives this time. I was going to catch them on video as I did the finches. 

We have a bird bath that we converted into a bird feeder by filling it with peanuts instead of water.The birds love it. We love watching the birds. I put the peanuts in the feeder and I wasn’t even back in the door yet and the jays were swooping in. Soon enough a pecking order developed. Pigeons ate the nuts that had fallen from the shell. The jays scared the pigeons away. The crows scared the jays away. Then a greedy, bastard seagull flew in and scared the crows away. We stepped in and scared the seagull away. It would eaten EVERYTHING! And I got it all on video…

Fast forward past supper. Crash and his friend were playing some more truth or dare (would you grow up to become a stipper?). Bang and his BFF were in the basement playing. Until they weren’t. They came up and wanted to join in. Crash didn’t want Bang to join. Bang screamed. Bang threw himself on the floor. Bang thew the temper tantrum of the century. 

So I delivered him to his room to cool off.

Shortly after, the friends left because it was 6:30 snack time. Or as the kids think of it, 6:30 show off time. 

Then it was bedtime routine. Or as the kids think it, show off time. They KNOW damn well what they need to do, what I expect them to do, to get ready for bed. Crash has jumped out and scared Bang going up the stairs so many times that Bang will no longer go up by himself. Crash delays bedtime by “not wanting” to brush and floss his teeth. Bang says he “doesn’t know” how to get changed. Meanwhile, I stand there shouting directions like Gunnery Sargent Harmen (Full Metal Jacket). 

The growling has stopped. The littlest one had his nightly poop. The oldest is no longer naked. The books have been read. Night night kisses lovingly delivered. Lights have been turned out. 


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For the Birds

This is my 200th post! 200! I was going to do a big celebratory post, but I forgot. So maybe on Monday we can celebrate. Everyone is welcome to the party!

Anyway, on with today’s post…

We enjoy birds. Most birds, anyway. The pigeons and seagulls can piss off. We have several feeders set up around our house. We have bell feeders out front. The birds love to peck the seeds and nuts off them. We have a feeder in the backyard to attract the ugly, greedy pigeons away from the feeders close to the house. We have four feeders near our kitchen window – two of them are for finches, one is for hummingbirds and one is for shelled peanuts to feed some of them bigger birds that aren’t pigeons. Grackles, bluejays (but not the Toronto kind), and crows.

Yes, we like crows. They’re smart. They’re not greedy. Selfish maybe, but not greedy. And if you’re lucky they bring you shiny gifts. We haven’t been lucky yet. DW loves to capture shots of the birds that visit our house for a meal or two or hundred. I thought I would share some of her photos with you.

A crow holding a peanut under his foot to crack open the shell

A crow holding a peanut under his foot to crack open the shell (taken back in April)

blue jay

Bluejay taking a peanut

cedar waxwing

Cedar Waxwing having rest


Grackle waiting his turn for a peanut


Hummingbird waiting his turn


Junco looking for dropped seeds

purple finch

Purple finch (though they look red to us) at the bell feeder

red wing blackbird

Red wing blackbird at the homemade feeder (which was replaced by the bell feeder)


Red Headed Woodpecker. Though, technically this one was not at our house, they do come by.

yellow finches

Hot spot for yellow finches

Quaker Parrot

This pretty birdy lives inside. Piper is Quaker Parrot.

Happy 200th post and don’t forget to come celebrate right here on my blog on Monday!