Where am I?

Hi ya folks! Took a bit of hiatus there. Finished with the month long challenge in April and took a bit of time away from the blog. I’ve still been visiting a bit here and there (if I missed you let me know and I’ll come see you, too!). Life has gotten a bit crazy at house. Crash and Bang are seriously testing our parenting skills. Not to mention our sanity and patience. But more on that later. It’s still in draft form.

The trampoline is set up so that’s been going wide open. Shoes come off when they get on the trampoline and they don’t go back on. We’ve arrived at barefoot season. I sort of enjoy the black feet. Now I hear, “Dad, come jump with us! Dad, come launch us! Dad, will you popcorn us?”. Yes, yes, and yes. Most of the time. The ice and snow in the sandbox has finally thawed so the diggers are back in action.

To my readers in Australia, enjoy the fall. It’s my favorite season. It always provides perfect weather for running! I was explaining to Crash that while it’s getting warmer here, it’s getting colder there. He was amazed, naturally.