2 Birthdays and Back to Work

The holiday are over. Time to face the facts. Time to get out of our pajamas and get back to reality, back to adulting. The parenting never stopped. That’s something you can do in pajamas, a bathrobe, or while on a treadmill running at 7 mph.

Christmas was good us. The New Year’s party was fun. Both boys managed to stay up until midnight. One slept until 8 and the other made it to 10. We’re back on track now. Hope everyone’s hangover has been cured by now, too. I was the driver so I had no headache.

We’ve all made our resolutions. I bet at least one of you had quit your resolution already. I’m 8 miles into mine. 992 more to go before December 31st. Good luck with yours.

spider-man-happy-birthday-18-foil-balloon-bx-66376We have two birthdays in our family today. Happy Birthday to nephew/cousin O turning a big 6 today. Though, technically, he’s 13 hours ahead of us so he’s just ended his big day. A second happy birthday shout out to Pop. He and Nanny will be coming over for supper this evening. Puh-sketti and cake and ice cream! And now that Christmas is over, Bang has been asking how many more sleeps until his birthday! He’s confused by the number 165.

And to the little one who was SO not ready to back to kindergarten today, you are SO not alone. It’s tough going to back after not having to for two weeks. I’m willing to bet your teachers cried a little bit too because they would rather be at home in pajamas, too. All though, on the other hand they’re happy to be at work, because sometimes work is easier than parenting. To the mom dropping him off, we understand the struggle.

To those of you reading this at work, I’ve tried to drag this out to help you procrastinate. To those of you reading this at home, I’ve kept it short because I haven’t fully completed my thoughts yet, but still wanted to give you something to read. To those of you reading this on the way to work, WATCH THE ROAD! Geez, man.

On a side note, anyone fighting with Windows 10 because your start menu quit working, I solved my issue. Somewhere in the settings was an option to remove/reinstall all the apps. While this did delete every program I had installed, it did fix the start menu issue. I didn’t install Windows 10. I can thank Crash for that. A window popped up while he was watching YouTube to install Windows 10 for free. So he did. Thanks chach bud. He also downloaded some adware for me. Every 10 minutes or so a commerical would randomly play. I solved that problem, too.

It’s good to be a geek. But That’s what tomorrow is about. Don’t want to give it all away!

Catch ya later. I’m waiting for the phone man to come fix our phone.

There, I made it to 485 words.