The Icers or How to Make A Royal Mess

Sugar cookies can be as much fun to make as they are to decorate. If you don’t like messes you might want to stop here. I don’t want to cause any aneurysms. I had the buttercream icing the right consistency. It tasted like I could devour the whole bag. Then I added the food coloring. The consistency went out the front door that one of the boys refuses to close upon entering or exiting the house.


It just made it messier. The boys thought it was amazing. All the swirling colors leaking and slipping from the  bag like they just couldn’t wait to land on a cookie. Much like the itchy bellies aching to steal a cookie.

Slipping off the cookie.
Slurped off fingers.
Sugar cookie mess!


If this is what the cookies look like you can imagine their hands looking like a Monet

On Thin Ice

When in Canada…
Since we’re frozen what seems more of the year than we are thawed, we make use of that slippery stuff. Hockey season starts in the fall. It’s already started. Therefore, our local hockey rink is already flooded and frozen. 

The boys have been asking to go ice skating. Two years ago Crash sort of learned to skate. He can stay vertical (mostly) and move forward (mostly) and turn (mostly). He didn’t go at all last year. I figured he’d have to learn all over again. I was afraid it wasn’t like riding a bike…

Bang has been skating before, too. DW and I took him once last winter while Crash was at school. It was a “Mom and Tot” skate. This dad went. 

We got him all bundled up in snow clothes. Falling on ice hurts so we wanted to give him as much padding as possible. Snow pants. Snow coat. Mittens. Helmet. Skates. We have a skate trainer, too. Basically, just an L shaped piece of tubing to give support to those with Bambi legs. Well, he hit the ice just like Bambi and went down. I picked him up and helped him get his feet under him. Down he went again like a drunk at closing time. After that he was done. He refused to even stand up again. I carried him off the ice. He lasted 10 minutes.

You can now understand our tentativeness to take him skating again this year after the debacle of last year. However, after hearing his brother’s excitement it was difficult to say no. But you can’t go skating without ice skates and the boys feet had grown 19 sizes since we last went.

Skates for Bang: $10
Skates for Crash:$40
Skate sharpening: $5 per pair
Admission to public skate: $5 per family

Spending a full hour skating: Priceless

By the end of the hour Bang was running skating. It looked like running, though. He fell many, many times. He’d laugh it off, get back up, and motor on. He used the skate trainer. He used tall pylon (think road construction cone). He used nothing. 

With 10 minutes left, a security guard joined us on the ice. I thought he was coming to tell us that Bang wasn’t allowed to use the skate trainer (it’s happened before). I was wrong.

He was coming to kick DW off the ice.

Once upon a time she was a rink rat, but DW hasn’t skated for a jillion gazillion years. Since the last ice age, probably. Not trusting herself on skates, she remained in shoes. The nice security man was coming on the ice (ironically, in his shoes) to tell DW she couldn’t be on the ice in shoes, she needed skates. Apparently it was for saftey and insurance reasons. So off the ice she went for  a 10 minute shoe penalty. 

When the buzzer sounded for us to get off the ice to make way for the zambonie both boys were disappointed. They weren’t ready to leave. So I guess it was a success. Guess we’ll be going back more often. 

Sure beats vegging out in front of the TV or on some form of electronic device.

Crash and Bang being Canadian.

B is for… #atozchallenge


is for bowling. We went bowling before supper yesterday evening. Last year when we went it was Cosmic. The regular lights were off and the black lights were on. The kids were amazed, of course. And had a blast.

This year, since we went before supper instead of after, it wasn’t cosmic. But it was still just as exciting.

The thing is, especially if you’re reading this in the States, the pins here are wickedly different. Everyone knows what a typical bowling pin looks like – fat bottom, skinny neck and head on top. Here in Canada it’s called candle pin bowling. The pins resemble, you guessed it, candles. Tall. Skinny. And the ball is about the size of a softball. Yes, you still launch it by rolling it underhand. But you get 3 rolls here and you don’t clear the knocked down pins between rolls! You get to use the pins you knock down to knock down other pins. That didn’t matter, though. It didn’t help me any.

Crash still won.

Bang had a blast for one game then was done. DW and I were going to let Crash and Bang bowl a game by themselves, but Bang bowed out. He’d met his bowling quota. So DW and I took turns taking Bang’s turn and play again Crash.

Crash still won.

is also for Bang. He is our 4 year old heathen. He frustrates us to no end with his stubbornness. He also provides plenty of comedic relief. Today we climbed “Jacob’s Ladder” – an incredibly long set of stairs along a hiking trail. At the top he looks over the edge and hollers, “Look at this view! Jesus we’re up high!”. While in the pool, he swam over to DW and says, “Mom! Feel my shorts. They’re drenched!” She responds with, “Yeah. That’s what happens when you’re in the pool.” He’s our buddy, our bud with a beautiful soul with a bad streak. He might be bothersome, but he’s still the best baby brother.

jacob's ladder

Jacob’s Ladder