The Other World: Book One

Before last year I had never heard of beta readers. Being a technology geek I had heard of beta testing and beta versions of software/hardware. Never heard of beta reading, though I could easily guess what it meant. Proof read an author’s book.

Then I was asked to be one.

I must admit, confess, that a small part of me agreed to be a beta reader because I wanted to read the book before anyone else. I wanted to be the first. The bigger part of me wanted to beta read because I wanted I wanted to help her book to be successful. I had read her first, self-published book, Nowhere to Hide so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her new one. This second book is a completely unrelated to her first.

I speak about none other than Tracey Tobin. When I joined WordPress she was the first one I followed. I still follow her. Not in that creepy stalker way… just on WordPress.

Tori is haunted by past mistakes that caused her to lose her most beloved people. Wracked with guilt and haunted by has happened, she yearns for a new life. When a gift is mysteriously returned to her 17 years after events were set in motion, she finds a way out. However, this new world isn’t so perfect. It has it’s own problems. And it’s own secrets. 

Read The Other World: Book One on your Kindle App. It’s only $2.99. Bonus: If you’re a Kindle Unlimited user you can read it for free. FREE! And really, you can’t beat $2.99 either. That’s almost free. 

If you’re an old school reader and prefer to hold a book, to smell a book, to take a book to bed, the paperback version is coming very soon.

If nothing else, just go take a peek. The cover itself is well worth it. If your first thought is “Wow, nice butt” you won’t be the only one. If your second thought is “What is this other world?” you won’t be the only one either. Go read it… you can thank me later.

You can find it here: The Other World: Book One

other world

see the full cover @Amazon

A-Z- A is for Action


I love to get me some action! Albeit, when I do, I’m usually by myself. And it takes about an hour and five minutes and I’m so sweaty when I’m done DW won’t touch me. Kids need action, too. It’s recommended that they get an hours worth of action every day. I’m speaking, of course, about exercise. I suppose I should say I love to be active. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, geocaching, swimming, running, etc…

Thus far our two rug rats enjoy being active as well. Mind you, it’s disguised as running, jumping and climbing at the park or shovelling the mountains of snow in the back yard and driveway (April 1st and the snow is still deep enough to bury picnic tables completely and that’s no joke!). We’re still having snowball fights. Just walking through the yard in knee deep snow is enough to raise our heart rates.

One day the snow will melt. I’m guessing August. We’ll be out jumping on the trampoline, playing Frisbee golf, going swimming and all the other fun outside stuff. But for now, I’ll let them walk/run on the treadmill. We did yoga yesterday, too. But that’s another letter for another day (April 29th, to be exact).

Another way I keep them active is to send them on wild goose chases up and down two flights of stairs. I’ll be on the main floor and send them to the basement to get something for me only to remember that it’s upstairs, not down. I also send them all over the house if they’re looking for something and ask me where it is.

How do you get action active?

A is also for attention. Kids need A LOT of attention. I had to pause my writing of this no less than three times.

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