The Passports

We applied for Crash’s passport on July 7th at a U.S. Consulate. The appointment went so smoothly it was eerie. We knew we were scheduled to travel on the 21st and it was supposed to to take 10 days for the passport to get to us. However, if it took 12 days it would arrive the day we were planning to leave. I really wasn’t counting on the government to give a rats ass when we were planning on traveling. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It only took 8 days. Eight.

DW and Bang’s passports were ready at the passport office last Monday. The passport office is 3 hours away. Fortunately, a trustworthy friend was going there this weekend anyway. WHOO. She got a gift card to the liquor store 🙂 She’s a teacher. We know she’ll use it. She’ll be returning to town on Sunday with our final 2 passports.

So we’re all set. I’ve already began making a list of things to remember to take. Socks, underwear, shoes, and other important things like Stuffies.

Now, I just finished a 10k run while pushing Bang. He loves going with me. He’s finishing his bedtime snack of toast and yogurt  (or bed lunch as his Nanny calls it). Then it’s up the stairs and into bed. Crash is having a sleepover at Nanny and Pop’s house. So it’ll be a quiet evening, though starting a bit late. It’s all good. It’s summer time.

Sorry, no deep, philosophical thoughts or profound lessons today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.