Thank you for stumbling your way to my blog! I’m your host Eric (but mostly go by Stomperdad here in the blogging world). Here you’ll find my joys and frustrations of being a dad to two wild, fun, and wildly fun boys Crash and Bang. You might also find some short stories from time to time. You’ll also find a good laugh! Laugh with me or laugh at me so long as you’re laughing… Happy reading!

Also, you can find me on Facebooktwitter, instagram, and YouTube.

I’m a very creative individual. One day I read War and Peace and finished in time to make supper. I built a life size house of cards just so I could blow it down. I can survive in the woods with only a spatula and a shoelace. I only need three hours of sleep and I sleep standing up. I have won the America’s Cup, Stanley’s Cup, and the World Cup. My penmanship is nearly perfect. I am a famous undiscovered author. I can cook 20-minute rice in only five and watch 60 minutes in 45. I revived an alligator with CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When monkeys throw poo at me, I throw it back. At one time I knew the meaning of life and the secret to immortality. But I’ve forgotten both. I can sell ketchup to a woman in white gloves and bubble gum to a man with no teeth. I stole the Mona Lisa and returned it while no one ever knowing it was gone. The average banjo player can play 16 notes per second. I can play 17. I turned down lunch with the president of the U.S. to volunteer in a soup kitchen. I woo women with moving rock ballads. I am an undefeated, world class, international Candyland champion. I successfully built and defended a pillow fort. Single-handedly, I delivered 6 kittens and a horse at the mall. I am a master origamist. I spent 7 years in silence to better understand the sound of a whisper. I enjoy building bridges in my backyard. I fix small engines and household appliances after school, free of charge. I dig holes just so I can fill them in again. I perform clandestine night operations during the day. I am fluent in 64 languages – 3 of which are dead. I am capable of communicating with primates. I can run a mile in 3 ½ minutes and a marathon in an hour and 59 minutes. I conducted my first masterpiece when I was 3 years old. I am heir to the great throne of an island off the coast of Zimbabwe. I’m an 8th degree black belt in Ju Jit Su, Karate, Ta Kwon Do and drunken boxing. One night in January, I played a round of golf at Banff and shot a 68. When it rains, I don’t get wet. I have a secret identity that is so secret, not even I know what it is. I can perform McBeth in its entirety as a 1-act play. I successfully taught Zen philosophy and meditation to 4th graders. I solved Bernouli’s theorem one evening. I can check out anytime I like, but I can never leave.

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  5. “Crash and Bang!” Love your About page, Eric (I found you via Eli Coach Daddy).
    I’m an avid runner, too. Can’t wait to read more, and you’ve intrigued me with the Flash Fiction. I’ll be back to visit soon!

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    • HA That good ol’ Coach Daddy. Eli is a great guy (from what I know of him through his blog). You must be a good person if you found me through him. Enjoy the flash fiction, I’ve been having fun with it. I love that it’s a 100 word photo prompt. Makes me really think how to create a suspenseful story with so few words. Thanks for visiting!

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      • It takes true talent (and time) to write a cohesive story in 100 words. I’ve tried my hand at a 42-word challenge, but it felt more like poetry than a story. I’ll be over to check it out. I need some inspiration!


      • It’s part of a link-up. When I first started writing them I would always sneak over to the link-up and read some to figure out what I was going to write 🙂


  6. You have an interesting viewpoint and I love to read a guy’s perspective on being a Dad. If I may be presumptuous, I would love to a title on your blog header and maybe one of your awesome photos of you and the boys hiking. I think your blog fill a void in blogland, but it is hard to know what you are about until I read around the blog a bit more.

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    • I would love that! Thanks for the offer. However, I’m very partial to the photo I am currently using as my header. The four stuffies represent each of my family members without showing our faces on my home page (look up “S is for” in my blog if you get a chance). I really don’t tell what’s in my blog other than my title giving a clue. I would love to see what you create 😀


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  10. Nice to meet you, I have a cousin named Eric Wood… his father, Gordon was my cousin. Thanks for making my heart smile, with your name alone. ❤


    • I used this in University, actually. There was an application I need to fill out that would be sent to my mentor teacher (back when I was learning to become a teacher) and the last thing on the application was “is there anything additional about yourself you would like us to know about you”. So I wrote this. Sadly, they didn’t give this part to my mentor. Which is a shame because loved it when I showed it to her! Not sure what my super powers are yet 🙂

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  17. Whoa..I love the fact that you write about your kids and I had to look into your parenting in a Dad’s perspective. I’m glad I have stumbled upon this down-to-earth page. Keep on writing!


    • Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you liked what you saw. I just write about joys and frustrations I know we all go through as parents so it’s easy to relate to. I will take your advice and keep on writing 🙂

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