Life goes on…

Whether I’m writing or not
whether I’m running or not
whether my Orioles are winning or not (and they’re mostly not)
whether it’s hotter than nine hells or not (and it is)

Thank you Nike+ for informing me that I haven’t run for 127 days. Thank you Facebook for letting me know that my readers haven’t heard from me “for a while”.

Since I’ve been away from writing we’ve played some baseball games. We won three of them. We took a three night trip to PEI to spend some time away with DW’s brother and their 4 kids. Crash and Bang love playing with their cousins and were sad to leave. It’s been hotter than nine Hells here in Canadaland. The heat index has been at least 35 C. That’s 95 F. That’s 308 Kelvin. For us, that’s hotter than a toddler who was just handed the wrong color cup.

The kids are still being kids. The parents are still being parents (most of the time) (we’re off the clock after Satan’s Spawns are asleep). I have considered quitting this blogging gig. I haven’t posted since Crash’s Birthday a month ago. I haven’t written a word until right now, actually. I’m totally amazed y’all are still here. Not only have I not lost any readers, but I’ve gained a few! If you’re one the new ones, thanks for your faith in me that I’d come back. If you’re one of the old ones, you understand.

Life goes on, Obladi, Oblada,
how the life  goes on…





10 thoughts on “Life

  1. When I first started blogging a few months ago I thought I would be releasing a new post every Friday. Haha. That didn’t happen. But I still enjoy it and I actually had multiple people ask me and my wife when I would be posting again. So that was nice and gave me some new energy to write. I like what I’ve gotten to read from you. I hope you keep it up.


    • Thank you SuperishDad. That means a lot. Now that I’ve gotten back into it I’ll probably keep going. I was posting 5 times a week… Not sure if I’ll keep that up or not, but I’ll try. Thanks for stopping by. It was great hearing from you!


  2. 95F?! I didn’t realize it even got that hot up there.

    Summer is probably the toughest time for me to post regularly. Finding time with no interruptions is a rare thing. I hope you don’t give up posting, even if you do scale back a lot.

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    • Thanks! I’ll keep posting. The kids miss question Thursdays and I miss answering questions on fridays and the Sunday shares. And it didn’t used to get 95 10 years ago when we lived up here. It might have for a few days but now it’s lasting weeks!


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