The Funny Side of Parenting

Laughter is the best medicine. If you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? Sometimes you laugh at yourself. Sometimes your partner provides a giggle. However, most often it’s our offspring who give us the largest dose of hilarity. Perhaps it’s during the regular “bedatorial” when tell about their teacher being out for two weeks because she had to get her “goldfish” removed. (It was really her gall bladder). Perhaps it’s something hollered in a public area, like “his pee pee looks like yours!” (we were at a Body Worlds exhibit). Or perhaps they just did something foolish, like drained the waterbed in the bedroom.Β Either way, a good dose of laughter is dished out and stories about it will be told for years. Facebook and Twitter are full of such stories. Here are just a few that made my belly jiggle like a bowl full Jell-O.









30 thoughts on “The Funny Side of Parenting

  1. LOL, can definitely relate! That last one reminds me of when I actually tried to quieten the noise of the kids yelling in the car by urning down the radio volume knob. They certainly make us laugh, which is a good thing because they’ve been known to make me cry too! Thanks for linking up to #blogcrush πŸ™‚


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  3. This is great! I especially love when I’m talking about someone and without knowing, my kid has them on FaceTime. Who teaches them to properly use technology???


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