Three Kids and A Classic Movie

“We watched that movie last weekend with the boys and one of their friends. I had to laugh when the movie opened with kissing and all three boys were like “Kissing? Already? UGH!” Then it cuts to 10 year old Fred Savage’s character saying the exact same thing.

Good times…

They still think kissing is gross.

They loved the movie, of course. What’s not to love. Andre the Giant. A six fingered man. Plenty of slapstick humor. The only part the six year old, Bang, was unsure of was the torturing of Wesley in the secret room under the tree. He had TONS of questions about that after the movie.

How did it make electricity?
Did it really hurt him?
How did all those gears turn?
Was it metal?
Why did he have to get electrocuted?

Some of them he asked multiple times just to make sure he understood it. I had to explain about generators and water wheels and electrical currents. I also explained acting that stuff in movies isn’t real. He was good after that. His favorite character was Andrew Andre the Giant. His favorite part was when Buttercup pushed Wesley down the giant hill then she rolled down after him.

We have also watched “Gremlins”, “The Neverending Story” and “The Goonies”. The Goonies was far more crude than I remember it. There weren’t any words in the movie they haven’t heard before. Naturally, the boys loved it. What’s not to love, though? Now they know why we don’t feed them after midnight. They also know why we sometimes call them Goonies and where their mother and I get the line “HEEEEY YOOOU GUUUUYS!”

What old classics have your kids watched? Was their reaction what you expected?

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Hold it, Hold it! Is this a kissing book?

Lucy At Home

24 thoughts on “Three Kids and A Classic Movie

  1. I love the Princess Bride. I am trying to think of films that are appropriate for children, Blazing Saddles, Robin hood men in tights, I must admit, I haven’t watched them recently and monkey is getting to that stage of maybe wanting to watch them, so I may have to give them a quick watch. I can’t think of anything bad, but I was thinking of letting him watch Gremlins, gave that a quick watch and was glad I did, there is nothing to bad in it, till they come to talk about Santa

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  2. I’m going to have to add this to the list to watch. We have watched quite a few movies that I grew up watching, including ET, The Goonies, Uncle Buck and Cool Runnings. They loved them all.


  3. Princess bride is one of my all time faves! I can’t wait to show Dee these old films when she gets a bit older. #BlogCrush


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