T is for…

Considering I just fell asleep for a half hour while laying with the youngest, T is for tired. Isn’t that a parent’s mantra from the day (or before that) our kids are born? Sleep becomes a thing of the past. We’d trade a good night’s sleep for pretty much anything short of our first born. Tired of the daily grind to keep the urchins alive. Possibly tired of the arguing and the cooking and the cleaning. But we’re not allowed to be because this is what we signed up for when we had the heathens in the first place. It was in the fine print of the user agreement. Who reads those things, anyway?

Tired we may be, but we are also tough. Able to function, albeit barely, on just a few hours. Why do people say they slept like a baby? They woke every two hours to eat and pee? I think sleeping like a Daddy would be a much better comparison. So we tough it out, half asleep. We get the kids where they need to go. We feed them so they aren’t hangry. We clean them so we aren’t judged as poor parents. We teach them to say please and thank you and how to do long division. We are also tough to take their constant barrage of questions, stories, and brutal truths.

T is for the things we teach.

T is for turning off our devices and tuning into our children.

T is for time together. What’s family if we aren’t together? There will be days when our time together is limited by extracurricular activities. Music. Sports. All the the other places they need to be other than at home. Lately, Bang has really been into board games. Checkers. Life. Monopoly Gamer. It’s also a great way to give him the attention he wants while actively engaging him. We are very much a family oriented family. If there is something we can do together, we do it. We take hikes, whether s’mores are involved or not. We attend church. We go to the beach. We go camping.

Our time together is also limited. One day they won’t be so little. One day we won’t have so much time with them. Unless they decide to live at home until they’re 50 or we live like the Waltons, they won’t be home forever.


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